Colorado to be the next US State to Legalize Online Poker?

Last Updated on December 23, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

ColoradoWith the interest in legalizing and licensing online poker sites in many US States growing due to online poker players in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey all being able to perfectly legally play poker online for real money, there is a lot of discussion on just which US State is going to be next to legalize poker sites.

Most industry observers are now convinced that it is going to be the US State of Colorado that will next open up their boundaries and allow all citizens, residents and visitors to their State to be able to access and play at online poker sites next.

Those in power in Colorado have in fact already investigated the possibility of opening up their boundaries to online poker players. However, this initiative did recently run into a few problems but with the Colorado Gaming Association eager to have legalized online gambling then we think it is going to be a foregone conclusion that discussions will continue in 2014.

Whilst it is true to say that online poker players have always been able to access plenty of offshore online poker sites and play real money poke online, those sites that have been available have never offered the type of player protection that can be guaranteed by them accessing and playing real money poker at sites licensed by their home US State.

It is just not the idea of giving online poker players a safer and securing online poker playing environment that those in power in Colorado State are looking to do by legalizing online poker sites, for there is of course a lot of money that can be raised by gambling taxes and licensing fees that any site that boasts one of their online poker licensees will have to pay, and in the current financial climate every addition cent a State can raise is needed!

The online poker playing environment that has recently be legalised and launched in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have proved to be very popular with poker players and as such there is expected to be a similar amount of interest in Colorado based poker players should the State finally legalise online poker sites.

As always we will keep you fully up to date with any further news and information reading Colorado legalizing online poker sites, and we do expect some positive news very soon!

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