CoinPoker Takes Action Against Alleged Manipulations And Poker Bots September 7, 2022 Adrian Sterne

CoinPoker Takes Action Against Alleged Manipulations And Poker Bots

 Poker News March 21, 2018 by  Adrian Sterne

CoinPoker made a big market splash earlier this year when the cryptocurrency poker room launched its ICO. The online poker room has been well received within the global poker community and continues to grow at a paid pace.

However, there have been recent reports that CoinPoker has been compromised with poker bots manipulating the online poker software and giving some players an unfair advantage.

These allegations were made by Alex Weldon from who pointed out abnormal traffic patterns and massive multi-tabling taking place at CoinPoker. Weldon decided to take up his concerns with CoinPoker and reached out to customer support who according to him were polite but not very helpful.

Considering the fact that CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency website that works with blockchain technology, it is surprising to see how quickly players were able to manipulate the cryptocurrency poker room. Blockchain technology has reputation for being a lot more safe and secure than traditional online poker networks which is why CoinPoker listed its dependence on the blockchain as one of its positive features during its initial promotion.

CoinPoker Addresses Potential Security Breaches

While some poker sites such as Americas Cardroom have preferred to turn a blind eye to player accusations regarding poker bots and software manipulation, CoinPoker decided to address the allegations head on. The first concern regarding leaderboard manipulation forced the CoinPoker security team to analyse technical data for specific online poker accounts who were thought to be using poker bots to manipulate the software.

The review resulted in CoinPoker acknowledging that some players had manipulated the software by using poker bots. CoinPoker has so far suspended three players accounts and made key changes to its policies to ensure that its security measures continue to remain robust and prevent these things from happening again.

CoinPoker Makes Policy Changes To Tighten Security

CoinPoker decided to add Civic verification to all player accounts in order to prevent the use of poker bots. The online poker room also decided to limit the number of players to 8 per table.

In a statement, CoinPoker said

Malicious poker bots have not been a significant issue thus far, but we will continue to investigate the problematic accounts that pop up on our leaderboard. With these measures in place, we can, with a high degree of confidence, say that our final leaderboards reflect players who have played fairly and worked hard to win prizes in our current 5MM CHP Giveaway Promotion.

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