CoinPoker Gives Players Chance To Accumulate Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Last Updated on December 25, 2017 Author:Adrian Sterne

The cryptocurrency boom in 2017 has caused a market explosion as millions of investors from around the world are suddenly interested in acquiring popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum (ETH).

The online poker industry is one of the few industries that were quick to embrace cryptocurrencies and CoinPoker is one of the leading online poker websites that deal with cryptocurrencies. CoinPoker is currently its players the chance to accumulate ETH with minor or even zero investment.

The opportunity comes in the form an ETH tournament series. ETH is the main currency for the Ethereum blockchain platform. One of Bitcoin’s closest competitors, Ethereum saw overwhelming growth since its introduction back in 2015.

Bitcoin is clearly the most popular cryptocurrency with its massive growth spurt this year but is also considered a high risk investment. ETH on the other hand is trading at $757 and while not as impressive as Bitcoin, it is considered a much safer investment.

CoinPoker is offering players a chance to get some ETH of their own. The blockchain poker site is running a series of tournaments that have ETH as the guaranteed prize pool. The tournament commenced on December 22 and will run till the end of the year. CoinPoker will offer a 200 or 400 CHP buy-in tourney with a 2 to 5 ETH prize pool four times each day. The times will 12 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM, and 10 PM. The 7 PM tourney has a 400 CHP buy-in and 5 ETH prize pool.

The payout is to the top six players at the final table sharing equally in the prize. If a player manages to win, then they will need to submit their crypto wallet for CoinPoker to send the Ethereum directly to their wallets. An e-mail from the address that they registered for CoinPoker will need to be sent to [email protected], with the ETH being transferred within 72 hours.

CoinPoker is pushing hard to promote its cryptocurrency online poker offerings. The online poker website has been doing brisk business since its November launch. Thanks to blockchain technology, it can operate worldwide with no problems on the transaction side. CoinPoker uses its own cryptocurrency (CHP) for all transactions on the site. Many early supporters bought a lot of CHPs in the pre-ICO and there is still an opportunity for players to purchase CHPs.

It is possible to get 5,000,000 CHPs through the freeroll promotion. Every new player at CoinPoker has 48 free tournaments taking place daily where players can earn CHPs to the maximum of 5,000,000. This promotion is available for a limited time though.

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