Carbon Poker Re-introduces their Bad Beat Jackpot

Last Updated on August 14, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Carbon PokerIt is always good to see an online poker site reacting to what their players want, and Carbon Poker who recently did away with their Bad Beat jackpots have been looking at a way of re-introducing them in a way players will enjoy, for many players let them know there were not too happy with them yanking those Bad Beat Jackpots from their real money poker games!

If you are blissfully unaware of what a Bad Beat Jackpot is then allow us to explain, when you are playing real money poker and have one of the very best valued hand combinations that can be dealt out to you, if another player manages to beat the odds and beat your hand with an even higher valued hand then a progressive type of jackpot is awarded to you.

However, there are many differently structured Bad Beat Jackpots available at several different online poker sites and as such the new one just added to the Carbon Poker gaming platform are very unique. The first thing you will notice is that unlike other poker sites where the Bad Beat Jackpots are fed from a small proportion of all real money players stakes, those at Carbon Poker are funded by the poker site!

So you will never be losing a small proportion of your stakes or the pot by having to drip feed this Bad Beat Jackpot if you make the very wise decision of playing at the Carbon Poker site!

If you have any four of a kind hand combination dealt out to you which can be as low as a four 2 cards and a three card hand, and your hand gets beaten then the Bad Beat Jackpot payout will be triggered.

The jackpot is not only going to be awarded to you but the winning player of that hand will get a proportion of the jackpot along with all other players in play around that table the jackpot is won at!

The distribution of the Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is as follows: The winner of the hand will be awarded a 20.50% share of the jackpot, the person whose hand was beaten will receive a large 38% share of the jackpot, all other players at that poker table will pick up a share of a 20.50% cut of the jackpot prize pool and the remaining 21% will be used to reseed the Bad Beat Jackpot!

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