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cake-pokerOne of the web’s most popular poker sites, Cake Poker listed in our top 10 US Poker sites list have recently added a new game to give their army of loyal poker players something new to try, this game is known as Cee-Lo and offers players a new dice game which is a mix of a casino type dice game and a poker game, and it really is proving popular with their players.

The game is one of the more easier to learn and master games they offer and it is currently available in both a free player variant, to allow everyone to get to grips with the way it plays, operates and pays, and a range of multi stake real money options are also available.

How to play :

The stake levels at which you can play this new Cee-Lo casino poker game are set at just 0.50 and rise up to a maximum stake per game of a high rolling 100.00.

Small video from Ehow to how to play the dice game :

The game simply involves players rolling a set of dice, each player has a maximum of seven chances to roll the dice in the hope they will roll in one of the valid combinations, if they fail to do this then they forfeit their turn and the next player gets to roll the dice.

The valid combinations which a player can roll in with the dice are: a 4, 5 and 6, this is the strongest hand a player can roll in, followed by Trips, which is three matching dice amounts rolled in on all three dice, the 6’s are the highest trips you can roll in with the 1’s being the lowest.

The next hand which can be rolled in is the Point, this is where a player rolls in a pair of matching dice with the value of the third dice being that players Point, so if you have rolled in a pair of 3’s and a 4, then 4 is that players point.

The lowest valued hands a player can roll in is a 1, 2 3 hand. At the end of the game it is simply the player who has the highest valued hand that will win the game based on the above valid combinations.

Should you fancy playing this game, which has been designed and developed by Takisto then Cake Poker is where you will find it available. There is a 5% house rake on the value of the pot on all Cee-Lo games.

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