BetOnline Poker’s Sit n Go Challenge Gets Improvements March 28, 2018 Adrian Sterne

BetOnline Poker’s Sit n Go Challenge Gets Improvements

 Poker News November 29, 2016 by  Adrian Sterne

Betonline PokerBetOnline Poker are always one of the best poker sites you can play at in regards to the number of poker cash ring games and poker tournament you can sit down and take part in, however they are also a poker site that likes to keep their finger on the pulse in regards to what their players want.

That has led them to make some major, and in our opinion excellent changes to their Sit n Go Poker Tournament Challenge, and as such please do read on to find out how they have improved that unique promotion, that could see you picking up a huge cash prize!

Firstly, let us explain how their Sit and Go Poker Tournament Challenge works, you will earn their own unique poker comp points each time you play in their Sit n Go Poker tournaments much like you do when playing in any of their cash ring games.

However, by taking part in their Sit n Go’s it will be the number of points you will accumulate and amass during those Poker Tournaments that will determine if you pick up one of the 60 bonus prizes they have on offer every week!

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They have three main type so Sit n Go Tournaments those being the Bronze, Silver and Gold Tournaments, and depending on which one you enter you will be earning additional points based on your final position in each one of them you enter, and also a special set of multipliers can and will boost the value of your accumulated points based on which Sit n Go Tournaments you enter too!

Bronze Category – This category of Sit n Go tournaments are ideally suited for players who only have small limited bankroll as the buy-ins on offer on them are very low ranging in price from just $0.05 to $1.99. A range of special point multipliers will come into force depending on just which one you choose to enter and those multipliers are worth from x1 to x4.

Silver Category – If you choose to take part in the Sit n Go Poker tournaments at Bet Online Poker that are in the Silver Category you will find the buy-ins vary in price from as little as $2.00 to $19.00. The point multipliers are much the same as those on the Bronze Category and vary from x1 to x4.

Gold Category – For high rolling Sit n Go Poker Tournament players you will be looking for the Gold Category tournaments to enter, and the buy-ins for those Poker Tournaments start at $20.00. Point multipliers can vary in value from x1 to x5. Please check out the Bet Online Poker website for full terms and conditions and more information.

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