Bar Poker Leagues Provide Stress Free Events For Players To Have Fun

Last Updated on June 12, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

The global poker industry has grown at an exponential rate in the last decade as poker tour organizers have increased the number of stops, boosted the guaranteed prize money and introduced more high stake events to make both live and online poker tournaments more attractive.

While these steps have boosted the popularity of poker around the world and created a bigger player base, to some extent it has also taken out the fun and enjoyment of playing poker. This is because most poker pros are always under pressure to perform in a high pressured environment and very rarely get the time to enjoy the game as in the old days.

Bar Poker Leagues are a new format that looks to change things around and give both amateur poker players and poker fans a chance to play their favourite game in a fun loving, friend making environment.

If you haven’t heard of Bar Poker Leagues, you can make use of a Google search to find out where the nearest Bar Poker League is in your locality.

The concept of playing Bar Poker is getting a major boost due to the Bar Poker Open which is currently taking place at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are thousands of poker players right now in Las Vegas who are taking part in the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP). A lot of these players will be paying attention to the Bar Poker Open final table which starts on June 14.

The common misconception that some people have of the Bar Poker League is that there are low stake events which is why there is not a lot of pressure. However, this is not true as there is a lot of upside while playing at these Bar Poker Leagues.

Bar Poker Open – Championship Event

The Bar Poker Open (BPO) is a great example of how the concept has caught in over the last few years. When the BPO was held in 2016, a total of 365 players registered; this number went up in 2017 as 565 players signed up and in 2018 things are a lot better as 885 players have already pre-registered.

Bar Poker Leagues can always reach out to the BPO to see if they can host an event at their premises.

In a statement, Glenn McCrory, founder of the Eastern Poker Tour said

When league owners use Bar Poker Open properly as a tool to market and promote their events, our leagues have seen exponential growth. We have some leagues that have gone from three events a week, to over 50 games a week by embracing our championship and working hard on their bar poker business.

Bar Poker Open

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