Bad Beat Jackpot Reaches Dizzy Heights

Last Updated on February 22, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

Bet Victor Poker Bad Beat Jackpot The Bad Beat Jackpot on offer at Bet Victor Poker is reaching some dizzy height and the beauty of this jackpot is that it is going to keep on rising in value until that time arrives, when one player sitting at one of their Bad Beat Jackpot tables gets their supposedly unbeatable hand beaten!

A Bad Beat Jackpot is offered at selected tables at the Bet Victor Poker site and the progressive jackpot is fed by a small 0.50 contribution from the final pot of each game played on these selected tables.

The poker variants and games which offer this jackpot payout are their no limit Hold’em €0.50/€1 – €2/€4 games which are listed as offering the Bad Beat Jackpot alongside the table games description in the main menu.

At the time of writing this article today the 22nd of February 2013 the current jackpot total is fast approaching €827,000 and someday soon that jackpot is going to be won. The way in which the jackpot payout is triggered is when any player manages to have, in their final hand at the showdown part of the game a Four-of-a-Kind, 8’s or better hand which gets beaten.

Whilst this may seem like a very rare occurrence, due to the random nature of poker it will eventually happen and when it does, each and every player who was playing at the poker table that hand was dealt and beaten at will pick up a share of the pot.

The distribution of this jackpot payout is as follows: 10% of the jackpot total is used to administer the jackpot and 20% of the jackpot amount is used as the seed amount of the next progressive jackpot.

This leaves a total of 70% of the value of the progressive Bad Beat Jackpot that is going to be distributed to players involved in that game. The player who was dealt that losing hand picks up 50% of this 70% of the total jackpot payout, and the winner of the hand picks themselves up 25% of the jackpot amount. All other players who participated in the game will share the remaining 25%.

There are a small set of terms and conditions regarding this Bad Beat Jackpot payout and these can of course be found on the Bet Victor website.
However if you are seeking a huge bonus payout when playing poker online this is certainly one type of poker game you should seriously be considering

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