Atlantic City Casino to Sue Poker Player Phil Ivey

Last Updated on April 14, 2014 Author:Adrian Sterne

Phil IveyAfter having been accused of cheating in a casino in the UK it now appears that the professional poker player Phil Ivey is facing another possible law suit by a land based Atlantic City casino who is accusing him of also cheating in their venue.

It was the Genting Group that first originally accused Ivey of cheating when he won a large amount of cash playing Baccarat in their London based casino, and whilst at first it appeared he won a substantial amount of cash fairly, upon closer inspection of security CCTV tapes it became apparent that both he or his accomplice where able to read the cards that were due to be dealt out of the shoe due to a defect in the design of the back of the cards.

The playing cards were cut in such a way that when the shoe of playing cards was positioned in a certain way it was possible to tell just what card was going to be dealt out next and Genting claimed this is what enabled Ivey to take a huge amount of cash off their Baccarat tables!

The Borgata Hotel and Spa have also reviewed video footage of Phil Ivey’s recent sessions playing their Baccarat games and as he recently walked off with a huge $9.6million in cash when playing at this venue this very large win came under scrutiny and is was found that their playing cards used on their Baccarat tables were also defective and could be read by Ivey and/or his accomplice!

This does lead to a lot of questions surrounding whether he in fact did cheat or simply used a flaw in the design of the cards to his advantage, whilst the fact that he did manage to win some huge amounts of cash playing Baccarat games using the playing cards that could be read it could be argued that it was not him who designed or manufactured the playing cards and it was the casinos job to ensure their playing cards were flawless and certainly not Phil Ivey’s job!

As this story pans out we will of course keep you fully up to date with how it goes! However, it will be interesting to find out if any other land based casinos start to take any of their winners to court to try and recoup winnings accumulated with such a deck of playing cards that could be read!

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