ACR Pro Jon Van Fleet Frustrated After His YouTube Poker Channel Disappears

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 Author:Juan Blanco

Jonathan Van FleetSummary

  • ACR Pro Jon Van Fleet in shock after his YouTube poker channel disappears
  • Van Fleet had over 10,000 subscribers and hours of poker content on his channel
  • Poker content creators need to take steps to protect their digital assets

Jonathan “Jon” Van Fleet a.k.a Apestyles has over $21 million in prize money playing poker.

Apestyles who is an ambassador for Americas Cardroom (ACR) also runs a popular YouTube channel that has over 10,000 subscribers.

Apestyles YouTube Channel Goes Missing

Apestyles had a very unpleasant surprise recently when he tried logging into his YouTube poker channel but found he was unable to do so. Apestyles has put a lot of time and effort over the years to build his YouTube channel which had over 10,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel had 100 of hours of poker content on a variety of different topics and was a big digital asset for him.

Apestyles used his Google email address to login to his YouTube account, just like millions of other poker vloggers. However, he suddenly found that his email ID was not being accepted by YouTube and he was locked out of his account.

Apestyles reached out to YouTube support via Twitter to explain his problem and ask for a solution. He told support that his email ID associated with the YouTube account was deleted and he did not know what he should do to recover the same.

He did get a response from YouTube support who attempted to assist him recover his account which had over 60 videos. However, those instructions did not work for him and he was later informed that if he had manually deleted his account from the advanced settings, the account would get wiped permanently.

Poker Content Creators Must Protect Digital Assets

Gambling content creators have been under the hammer recently with Twitch cracking down on slot gambling content. Now, Twitch poker content creators are concerned to see what has happened to Jon Van Fleet as his digital asset which he took years to develop disappear overnight.

With no way to recover his YouTube account, Apestyles will either have to start another YouTube channel from scratch or switch over to another platform. The disappearance of Apestyles poker YouTube channel is not just a loss for him but the poker community as a whole.

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