888poker Launches New Lottery Style Game BLAST

Last Updated on July 28, 2016 Author:Adrian Sterne

888 PokerThe world’s second biggest online poker website 888poker recently announced that it is launching a new poker game which will have very low buy-ins mimicking the lottery. The new game from 888poker will offer players an experience different from other online poker games as the new game is focused on attracting casual players.

The game is called BLAST and is a Sit-And- Go poker variant having buy-ins as low as $0.10, $5, $1, and $30. The game is played lottery-style in a super turbo format with a maximum four players.

The prize pool is decided dynamically after all players are registered. The design of the game allows the prize pool to go up to 10,000 times the size of the buy-in. BLAST offers a much deeper stack of 1,500 chips and four places when compared to what similar online poker games on the market offer. Most online poker games out there offer only three places and just 500 chips. The most unique element of BLAST is the concept of a countdown timer. After a certain time limit, play in the game ends and all players are forced to go all-in until a winner is declared. The length of the countdown depends upon the amount of prize pool involved – the higher the prize pool the longer the play goes on.


The site has released a guiding matrix that will allow players to get an idea of the time they have for play. The matrix defines the time available according to the multiplier for the prize pool. A prize pool multiple of 2-5X the buy-in will result in the length of the countdown timer being set to 6 minutes, while 100X will result in the time being set to 10 minutes, while 1,000-10,000X gives players 12 minutes.

The number of places paid from the prize pool also depends on the size of the prize pool. If the pool is just double the buy-in, the game has a winner-take- it all format. However, if the size of pool becomes huge and is around 1,000X or more, all participating players will get at least 10 percent of the pool.

The fast paced nature of the game is bound to appeal to poker fans that are looking for a quick game and a fun experience. BLAST is yet another attempt by 888poker to attract and engage recreational poker players who are a key segment for online poker sites.

The rules of the game are geared to reduce the gap between recreational players and experienced professionals. BLAST will offer no added edge to professional poker players, levelling the field and giving casual players the opportunity to have an equal chance to win.

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