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888 Poker to Remove Heads up Poker Tables

 Poker News September 2, 2013 by  Adrian Sterne

888 PokerA lot of online Poker sites have been making changes in recent months in regards to their online poker sites and poker game offerings, and it does appear many Poker sites are seeking to attract the more recreational type of Poker player to their sites.

It would appear that with many Poker sites seeking to legalize their gaming operations in countries such as the US whilst at the same time ensure they adhere to strict licensing laws in other countries dotted around the world, these sites want to make playing Poker online a much more recreational type of environment where all levels of players can sit down and play.

One site, that being the 888 Poker site have just announced that they will shortly be doing away with their Heads Up No Limit Poker tables, in an attempt to make their state of the art and very popular Poker site much more attractive to these recreational types of Poker players whilst still ensuring they offer games and cash games that their high limit player prefer.

This announcement may seem a little strange to some people, for when you log into a Poker site you will of course want the biggest and most diverse range of Poker games at your disposal, however by offering more tables games and removing these Head Up No limit games then 888 Poker can concentrate their efforts of designing and supplying more Poker game variants and more big money tournaments.

It is of course the Heads Up Poker tables at any Poker site that often attract fraudulent players, seeking a way of quickly dumping their chips into another players account, and which the Know Your Customer legal requirements and additional anti money laundering rules and regulations coming into force, then by doing away with these Heads Up No Limit table games 888 Poker can comply with them and protect themselves against fraudulent players.

Many of the other leading Poker sites are putting into force similar types of changes on their Poker platforms and as such you will soon see fewer and fewer Heads Up No Limit Poker tables being offered at all of the major sites.

So if you are a fan of playing these types of Poker games then you are going to find fewer and fewer sites where you can access and get stuck into them online!

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