888 Poker Bans Bum Hunters!

Last Updated on October 9, 2013 Author:Adrian Sterne

888 PokerYou are going to find all level of players playing poker online these days, however the professional players are a savvy and strategic bunch of players who are always on the lookout for less experienced players, and this had led to an increase in something called Bum Hunting.

Whilst that has to be one of the most bizarre descriptions for a professional poker player we have seen in a long time, what these types of players have been doing for a considerable amount of time now has been to simply log into a poker site, sit at a table and then utilize the Sit Out feature offered at most poker sites.

What sitting out is, is simply a way of you being able to remain at a poker table but without having to play any hands, this was originally intended to allow players to nip to the toilet, grab a drink or something to eat or simply take a break from playing poker.

However some of the more experienced poker players have been abusing this feature and as such once they are placed at a real money online poker table they will then sit out and then wait for an inexperienced player to sit at that table and start playing.

The experienced play will then suddenly re-appear at that poker table in the hope of relieving the more inexperienced player of their bankroll, based on their superior knowledge of the game and their skill at playing.

This has led to an unfair playing field as by sitting out at a table then other players are unable to join once a fish type player arrives, and as such several no depoist online poker sites have started to impose rules regarding sitting out when playing at their respective sites.

One such site is 888 Poker who have now decided that players playing their real money cash table games have a take it or leave it decision to make and as such this is hoped that these bum hunters will no longer be able to wait until the time is right to start player and this will give everyone a much fairer chance of winning.

We expect to see more online poker sites bringing in some form of similar rule and will be taking 888 Poker’s lead on this new playing rule, which should ensure much fairer games and tables being offered to everyone.

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