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CaliforniaOne California based Poker player that you may be familiar with is Erick A. Lindgren, one of the most successful Poker players who is from Burney in California he has proved to be a mean opponent at many Poker Tournaments and has so far won for himself two World Poker Tour titles and has managed to additionally win two World Series of Poker Bracelets.

There are many other California based Poker players who have won some huge amounts of cash, and as there are now many top rated and licensed online Poker sites available to California residents we invite you to have a good read through this guide, for we will answer all of your online Poker playing questions and showcase to you some of the best 2018 US online Poker sites and Poker site bonuses.

Where to Play Online Poker in California

We have handpicked a range of online poker sites where we just know everyone living in California is going to be able to access and play a very large and diverse range of online Poker games, with this in mind please have a good look through the following collection of legal California online Poker sites and checkout the size of their new player sign up bonuses, they are huge!

  • 1. BetOnline Poker
    Bonus100% up to $1000
    • Payout Speed

      1-3 days
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    • 100% First deposit bonus
    • Promo Code: NEWBOL
    • $10,000 New Player Freeroll
    • Special offers running all year round


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  • 2. Ignition Poker
    Bonus100% upto $1000
    • Payout Speed

      1-3 days
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    • Exclusively for US players
    • Bonus up to $1,000
    • Many Payment Options
    • Great Feature Selection


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  • 3. Intertops Poker
    Bonus200% upto $1000 Welcome Bonus
    • Payout Speed

      1 - 5 days
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    • Recreational Player Traffic
    • Get a 200% Match on Your Initial Deposit
    • Wide Tournament Selection
    • High-Quality Games


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100% upto $1000
Free Cash
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100% up to $500
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100% upto $1000 Welcome Bonus
$250 New Depositors Freeroll
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200% upto $2500
in Guaranteed Tournaments
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100% upto $1000 Signup Bonus
New Depositors Freeroll
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All of the above California State online poker site bonuses are subject to change at any time, should any of them be of interest to you please visit the respective Poker sites website for full terms and conditions of any bonus listed.

Benefits of Playing Online Poker in California

Many Poker players enjoy taking part in Poker Tournaments however it is often the case that getting to and from the venue where they are being held can prove to be hard, especially if those Poker Tournaments are being held out of State.

Thanks to the online Poker plying environment then you are able to instantly, and with no effort what so ever, take part, enter and play in a huge range of Poker Tournaments whenever and wherever you like, simply by logging into one of our featured Pokers sites.

With there are such a very diverse range of online Poker Tournaments available then you will find plenty of free of charge Poker Tournaments up for grabs, plus you will also be able to take part in Satellite Poker Tournaments which offer you the chance, via a very low entry fee, to win a direct entry into a large paying Poker Tournament.

There really are lots of additional benefits of moving your land based Poker playing action online, so do make sure you checkout all of the above listed sites who all have something unique to offer you whenever you choose to log on and play!

Varieties of Online Poker in California

Playing poker in California is a great past time many enjoy, however those who may be just discovering poker online may be unaware of the different variants that they will have access to when registering with an online poker room. The positive side to this is the discovery will enlighten new players to not just the standard Texas Hold ‘em, but will see them being in the position to learn multiple other variants such as Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo and Omaha Hi-Lo and standard Omaha.

One of the advantageous large poker rooms provide is learning tutorials. This can include detailed explanations on how each variant is played and include lessons relating to strategic playing techniques, to will include video tutorials. When you consider the different variants that we mentioned, the one most played is Texas Hold ‘em as it is the version of poker most known to the majority of players, whether casual, professional or those that play home games. Its rules are the easiest to understand, however so too are the other variants, so taking time to learn them will not only provide an increase game variety but will increase your knowledge overall of poker and the finer details to playing it.

Licensed and Regulated Online Casinos in California

One of the most important areas that must be considered is whether an online casino that accepts people from California is licensed and regulated. The reality is, there are some scrupulous operators online that are not licensed, or are licensed with regulatory authorities that fail to provide professional oversight and ensure the regulations that their licensed casinos are to operate under.

The 2018 top California poker list that we have above do more than simply operate within their licensing and regulatory requirements, they exceed it. This is not by mistake; it is an operational mindset they operate under that is driven to provide the best in online poker to those who register, deposit and play on their sites.

As such, each of those we have listed offer you a safe and fair poker playing experience. The games are tested to ensure compliance with genuine random results, the companies are reputable and provide accurate and professional support to their players and there range of games and software powering those games have been proven to be provably fair.

Is it Legal to Play Poker Online in California?

Currently, there are not any laws that make playing poker online illegal in the state of California. On the same token, California has not enacted any laws that identify playing poker online within the state legal as it is in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

While there have been numerous bills presented within the state legislation each time it is presented it has failed to pass and garner enough support. This is more political than actually working to allow the 39 plus million residents of the state the ability to make their own choice as to whether they play online, however interest remains high and it is hopeful that a law similar to those in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey will become law in the near future.

With that said, California falls under the same federal laws that all other states must adhere to, which is the wire act. The UIGEA Bill that went into effect in 2011 relates not to playing poker online, but the transacting of monies and targeted credit card companies and financial institutions more so than citizens. As such, many refused to accept gambling-related payments. However, most poker rooms work around that by issuing payment by check or via cryptocurrencies.

Is Playing Poker Online Safe in California?

Absolutely it is safe to play poker online in California, and in fact, millions do on a daily basis. As mentioned above, there are zero restrictions from allowing those in the state to play poker online. The act of playing is not illegal and therefore having multiple poker rooms that accept players from California is a reality.

All payments to and from the poker room are carried out using reliable, professional payment processing companies and therefore receiving winnings withdrawn from the poker rooms is not an issue. Many now opt to use cryptocurrencies as all payments are untraceable and therefore remove any potential risk that pertains to federal laws. However, it is important to note; federal authorities do not prosecute individual players. They will, however, if deemed to be acting in defiance or against the wire act laws, will prosecute poker room operators but this is rare and has not occurred in years, so, therefore, playing in California is safe, and players should not have any worries or concerns in doing so.

Playing Online Poker in California FAQ

You may have a few different questions regarding playing online poker in the State of California, and as such below we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answered them all for you!

  1. Are online Poker games available 24 hours a day in California?

    YES. All poker games offered with online poker rooms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is regardless of where you are located or the state you reside in.

  2. Is there a charge or fee to download the online Poker sites software?

    NO. Online poker rooms provide software free without the need to invest in purchasing the software as they retain full ownership of the software. You simply need to visit the poker room, click the download link and the software will begin downloading onto your computer. Some poker rooms are offered via a web browser and access to is also free to those that do.

  3. Are Freeroll Poker Tournaments available to play online in California?

    YES. Yes, all freerolls that are available to players online and not restricted to specific countries. Therefore entering freeroll tourneys is as simple as registering and being logged in at the time the tournament begins.

  4. Can Private online Poker Tables bet set up at Poker sites?

    YES. No, not all sites offer private tables. PokerStars is one of those that does however they currently do not allow those in California to register and play at the site.

  5. Will I be able to play 7 Card Draw Poker online in California?

    YES. Most online poker rooms offer 7 Card Draw Poker and those that reside in the state of California are able to access cash games, sit’n’go’s and 7 Card Draw Poker tournaments online.

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