Winning A WSOP Main Event Continues To Be A Major Event

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World Series of PokerThere are two ways to make money playing professional poker. One is to keep playing poker tournaments regularly and develop a habit to win consistently. This is difficult given the fact that the global poker scene is now fiercely more competitive than ever.

However, if you want to make a living playing poker, you need to develop a poker strategy that will enable you to do this.

The second option is to play high stakes poker and end up winning a big pile of cash that sets you up for the rest of your life. While there are a number of new high stakes poker events, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event continues to be the most popular poker event that poker players around the world want to win.

They want to win the WSOP Main Event because history shows that the winner and even runner-up is guaranteed to walk away a millionaire. It’s every poker players dream when they start out to win huge overnight and the WSOP Main Event gives players an opportunity to make this dream come true.

Not only do they get to win millions of dollars but they also get to take home a coveted WSOP gold bracelet.

3 Recent WSOP Events With Big Winnings

We take a look at three WSOP Main Events that have paid out the most winnings.

WSOP Main Event 2006

The 2006 WSOP Main Event saw a guaranteed prize pool of $82 million as over 8,700 poker players registered for the Main Event.

Jamie Gold ended up winning the Main Event and pocketed $12 million in prize money while second place finisher Paul Wasicka took home $6.1 million.

WSOP Main Event 2014

The 2014 WSOP Main Event saw over 6,600 player registration and the prize pool soar to over $62 million. Martin Jacobson turned out to be the lucky winner and he pocketed a cool $10 million for his first place finish while runner-up Felix Stephensen won $5.1 million.

WSOP Main Event 2020

The 2020 WSOP Main Event did not have a massive payout when compared to the rest of the other WSOP Main Events but we still feature it on our list because this time around the WSOP Main Event was an online poker event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An unknown Bulgarian poker pro became an overnight millionaire after taking the first place and securing $3.9 million in prize money.

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