Why is King Dan Bilzerian Considered Such a Poker Badass?

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Dan Bilzerian does not play the usual poker circuit in the United States but prefers playing high stake cash games and is estimated to have won more than $60 million playing poker.

Bilzerian told Lee Davy that he made $50 million net in 2014 and is estimated to have a total net worth of more than $150 million. Phil Ivey who is considered one of the great poker players in the game has a net worth of $100 million.

Bilzerian is easily the most notorious high stakes poker player currently in the game and there are a number of reasons for this notoriety.

We list the seven most popular reasons as to why the 37 year old Bilzerian has such a reputation in the industry.

Instagram Following: Bilzerian is known as the ‘Instagram king‘ and has a whopping 19 million followers on the popular social media site. Bilzerian leverages a number of social media platforms to promote himself but Instagram by far is his favourite. Bilzerian regularly updates his Instagram account with pictures of scantily clad women, luxurious holiday destinations, posh cars and pictures of him having piles of high value chips at different casinos.

Piles of Cash: Bilzerian who was born in Florida believes that if you got it, you can flaunt it. He posts a number of pictures with piles of cash in front of him on a regular basis to silence his critics who often question his winnings in high-stake poker games. Most of these high-stake poker games are by invitation only and the winnings are not made public. Bilzerian flaunting piles of money is further proof that he has loads of cash at his disposal.

Beautiful Bombshells: One of the reasons why Bilzerian is so popular is because he is constantly surrounded by beautiful women wherever he goes. Bilzerian is not married and admits that it is very hard for him to be in a monogamous relationship as he loves women. While some have alleged that Bilzerian pays these women to be with him, the high-stakes poker pro has denied these rumors stating that all the women who travel with him do so voluntarily and do not get paid. This could very well be true because these beautiful bombshells get to travel in style and enjoy Bilzerian’s luxurious lifestyle while getting the opportunity to be featured on his Instagram.

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Crazy Prop Bets: Bilzerian admits that the main reason why he no longer players the usual poker circuit because the stakes and action are just not exciting enough for him to play. Bilzerian loves to engage in prop bets that cause him to win and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis, as this is one of the things that gives Bilzerian a high. Some of the crazy prop bets that Bilzerian has engaged in include losing $3.6 million in poker on three separate occasions and cycling 600 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 48 hours and winning $600,000.

Arsenal of Weapons: Bilzerian has always been fascinated with guns and even once trained as a Navy Seal. He has an enormous collection of weapons that is more than enough to start a mini-war. Bilzerian often posts his wide range of guns on Instagram and often visits the shooting range or goes out into the wild to practice. The playboy millionaire has said he has no fears of anyone breaking into his house and stealing his cash because he is fully equipped to deal with intruders. Some of his controversial pictures include letting his cat pose with a gun by its side.

Dan Bilzerian

Celebrity Contacts: While the top poker pros tend to be popular mostly within the global poker community, Bilzerian’s social media popularity has caused him to be more mainstream and he has hundreds of celebrity friends from all over the world. Bilzerian has been featured in pictures with President Donald Trump, boxing great Floyd Mayweather, pop superstar Justin Bieber, Hollywood star Vin Diesel and UFC superstars Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz.

Private Jet & Private Chefs: Bilzerian has his own private jet which he uses constantly to travel all over the country and attend high-stake poker games on quick notice. He often packs his jet with beautiful women and heads of to luxurious locations on the spur of the moment. While Bilzerian is known for partying and having fun all year around, he takes his health very seriously after suffering two heart attacks at the age of 25.

He employs three private chefs who work twelve hour shifts and are responsible for making sure that he is surrounded with only healthy food. Bilzerian usually takes one of his chefs on his private jet when he plans to be away from home for long. His lavish lifestyle and indulgence is always openly flaunted on Instagram and millions of followers from around the world end up wishing they could be Dan Bilzerian – at least for one day.

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