Why Illegal Online Poker Sites Continue To Be Attractive

Last Updated on December 4, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

There have been concerns over the last few years that online poker has slowed down considerably in regulated markets such as Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

The few US states that have legalized online poker such as Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have also faced a similar challenge as licensed online poker operators have struggled to have success.

Ironically the illegal online poker industry has done a lot better when compared to the regulated industry as unlicensed operators have not had to deal with all the red tape and high taxes. While gaming regulators have tried to crackdown and clean up the illegal online poker industry, they have had little success.

Main Reasons Players Choose Illegal Poker Websites

We take a look at some of the main reasons why illegal online poker websites continue to be popular with players.

Access To Untapped Markets

Online poker is banned in most countries due to strict gaming laws. While online poker is illegal in these countries, there is still a huge untapped market that is eager to play provided they have access to do so. Unlicensed poker operators are willing to take this risk as they realize they don’t have to do much marketing to promote their services as there is little to no competition.

No Restrictions Over Jurisdictions

Legalized online poker markets like Nevada and New Jersey suffered in the past because the market was restricted to players within the borders of each state. These restrictions hurt the online poker industry and forced gaming regulators to proceed with shared liquidity.

Unlicensed online poker operators do not need to adhere to any such restrictions over jurisdictions. Their player pools are bigger, the online tournament guarantees are more attractive and players don’t have to worry about detailed verification and identification procedures.

Multiple Payment Options

Unlicensed operators tend to offer players a number of different payment options including cryptocurrencies. This is idea for most players who like to remain anonymous about their online poker activities. Regulated poker websites have limited payment options which can sometimes be a turn-off to players.

While unlicensed poker websites continue to flourish and cannibalize the legalized online poker market, we must point out that there are a number of risks associated when playing at unlicensed poker websites. This is mainly because there are some unscrupulous online poker rooms out there that put players and their money at risk. Just remember that the rewards can be greater when playing at an unlicensed poker room but so are the risks.

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