What Were The Largest Pot-limit Omaha Pots In History?

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Pot-Limit Omaha PokerIf you’re looking for high stakes poker action, you can always count on one particular variant: pot-limit Omaha (PLO).

This game offers a nice alternative for players getting a bit burned out playing in the traditional Texas Hold’em format. While these two games have some similarities, there are certain differences that make PLO more exciting to play.

For example, PLO has four hole cards, compared to just two in Texas Hold’em. The game also involves closer equities than Hold’em, which is why the action potential is always high.

Over the years, some of the largest PLO cash game pots in history have taken place online. The now-defunct Full Tilt Poker was home to a lot of memorable PLO action, played by the likes of 10-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey, high-stakes regular Patrik Antonius, and online legend Viktor Blom.

Here Is A Look At The Three Largest PLO Pots In History

Let’s take a look back at three of these massive pots and relive the action.

Patrik Antonius Against Viktor Blom ($878,959)

Viktor Blom & Patrik AntoniusBlom and Antonius were regulars on Full Tilt Poker, and both players clashed several times playing PLO. The third largest pot took place between them, with a massive $878,959 on the line.

Blom raised to $3,000 and Antonius called. With 5h7hQs on the flop, the latter check-raised his opponent’s $5,000 continuation bet to $21,000, prompting Blom to call.

On the ace-diamond turn, Antonius played aggressively, placing a $48,000 bet, to which Blom raised $192,000. Antonius got it on for $416,479 and Blom called.

Both players then revealed their cards: Antonius holding AhQc9s6h, against Blom’s AsKsQd10h. Antonius picked 8d on the river hitting a straight, ultimately winning the pot.

Phil Ivey Against Viktor Blom ($1,127,955)

Phil Ivey & Viktor BlomBlom managed to score seven figures in a massive PLO battle against Ivey. Both players competed at $500/$1,000 PLO. The exciting action started when Ivey opened to $3,000, until Blom called a $27,000 re-raise from Ivey.

The JsKsJd flop and 10d turn gave Ivey the lead, calling Blom’s $177,000 raise. With 5d on the river, Blom bet $408,000 and Ivey called. Viktor Blom eventually flopped a full house, defeating Ivey and earning for himself a whopping $1,127,955).

Antonius Against Blom ($1,356,947)

The biggest online cash game pot in history was won by Patrik Antonius against Blom and it happened two days before Blom’s PLO match against Ivey.

Blom opened to $3,000 with 9s8h7d6d. Antonius then three-bet to $9,000, holding AhKhKs3s. The action eventually led to Blom calling Antonius’s $81,000 preflop. Antonius hit a straight on the 4s5c2h flop, putting him on the lead for $91,000. Blom ended up calling off his last $163,000 stack, with Antonius the aggressor playing at $870,000.

The 5h turn and 9c river sided with Antonius, making him capture the largest PLO cash game pot in history.


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