Top 5 Poker-Friendly Countries: Where to Play Poker Worldwide

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Poker around the worldWhen people think about places where poker is popular, metropolises like Las Vegas and Atlantic City usually come to mind.

While that may be true to an extent, it would be unfair to narrow it down to a single country, especially since the origins of this card game can be traced back to 10th century China.

Although famous tournaments like WSOP are indeed held in Las Vegas, there are plenty of places all over the globe where this game enjoys an important status.

Countries To Consider Playing Poker In Whilst Visiting

If you’re curious just as we are and want to learn about top poker-friendly countries, continue reading this article as we take you on a trip around the world.

United States

CaliforniaThe first place on our list really shouldn’t come as a surprise. With legendary gambling centers, players can afford to be picky when it comes to a game of poker.

California has already been glamorized thanks to the existence of Hollywood. Sunshine State and its mild climate are a sure way to have fun, especially with Venice Beach and Rodeo Drive as the ever-popular tourist spots.

But that’s not all California is famous for. Those looking for an authentic gambling experience will find it in LA. And no, we’re not talking about the glitz and glam, tuxedos and bow ties.

Although, there are luxurious casinos of that kind as well, in which you can release your inner Rockefeller at top notch tournaments. Whether you’re looking for a place to hone your poker skills or show off your riches, Los Angeles has got you covered.


NeymarBelieve it or not, poker is extremely popular in Brazil, especially its online version. If you open an account in an online casino and enter a poker room, you’re bound to see a significant number of players from this country.

Even Neymar, one of the biggest soccer stars, is a recreational poker player. If that’s not a testament to the recognition that this card game has in Brazil, we don’t know what is.

One of the most famous Brazilian poker players is Alexandre Gomes, a WSOP bracelet owner. In addition, the Land of the Holy Cross was also a host of several renowned poker tournaments, the Latin American Poker tour being the most notable one. As there is no licensing or governing body in control of online gambling in Brazil, its citizens can pick and choose from a wide range of poker rooms.


CanadaMost would associate maple syrup, hockey, and beer with Canada. However, what many don’t know is that America’s neighbor is pretty passionate about poker, too. Unlike in some countries, playing poker is legal in online poker rooms across Canada as well as physically . What’s more, shows like Pokerstars and World Series Tournament have been present in the mainstream media for years, which has only increased the popularity of this card game.

Canucks seem to love the thrill and the anticipation while waiting and hoping to complete a flush draw. What’s more, some of the most influential poker players are from the Great White North. Jonathan Duhamel, the first Canadian to win a WSOP Main Event, and the famous Daniel Negreanu have dominated the scene for years. Online poker is in demand, too, as there are plenty of sites available to players from this country, which must have come in pretty handy during the lockdown.


MacauNow let’s take a short trip to Asia, the continent where it all started. Some reports state that this is where a version of poker was first played. Also known as the “Vegas of China“, Macau is home to many top-quality casinos. While not technically a country, but an autonomous region, just like Hong Kong, gambling activities are legal here, unlike in mainland China.

Macau used to be a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years, so its culture is a mix and match of different influences. As far as poker is concerned, people from all over the world come here to get a taste of the game and enjoy one of the luxurious land-based casinos. Macau was also the host of several large poker tournaments, where esteemed players got to show off their skills.


Music lovers among you might recognize the name of the following Italian city — San Remo. This coastal city has been popular among tourists for years, as they can experience the seaside, incredible architecture, and pleasant music all in one place. What many aren’t aware of is that there are plenty of casinos which poker gambling lovers can visit during their vacation.

Texas HoldemA popular poker variant in most European casinos is Texas Hold’em, which is played with 52 cards.

There are larger tournaments where at least ten players need to participate, but also smaller games for those who appreciate a private atmosphere. Whichever group you belong to, you are bound to have fun in one of San Remo’s casinos.

Honorable Mention

It would be unfair to finish our list of top poker-friendly locations so abruptly, which is why we have decided to include an honorable mention. While this location may not be as popular in the world of poker as the previous ones, it’s slowly been making strides in the gambling world.

United Kingdom

United KingdomPoker has been a trending topic in the UK for several years already. Brits began becoming interested in poker during the second half of the 20th century.

Shows like Late Night Poker were televised, so people got to see famous poker stars in action. Soon this fascination turned into avid interest. In fact, poker became so popular that a UK-based company PokerStars hosted one of the largest poker games ever. The event took place in 2013, and it had over 225,000 participants.

Final Thoughts

Although online casinos are becoming more and more popular, one cannot help but feel nostalgia over flashy, glamorous venues that have ruled the gambling world for decades. People still relish playing poker in land-based casinos, so it’s no wonder they’re always on the lookout for places to visit.

We believe that each of these locations will make you feel as if you were a star of blockbusters like Ocean’s 11 or California Split.

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