Top 10 Poker Tips – Poker hints & tips to improve your play

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Top 10 Poker Tips - Poker hints & tips to improve your playThere are literally thousands of poker playing hints and tips which can be learnt and put into play when you are mastering the game.

We thought it would be prudent for us to present to you the top 10 poker tips which you should be aware of when playing poker online.

Instead of presenting you playing tips such as how to play certain hands, which is, to be perfectly honest, down to each individual players playing strategy.

We have concentrated on showcasing you some sound, factual poker tips, which will increase your playing pleasure when you net sit down to play poker at an online poker site.

  1. Poker Bonus Tips – Obtaining a new player or loyalty bonus from an online poker site is often a great way to enhance your playing pleasure, and usually a great way to get an increase in the value of your bankroll. However, you need to be fully up to speed with all of the terms and conditions which will inevitably be attached to such bonuses.So our first poker tip is for you to carefully go through all of the terms of any poker bonus to ensure it is a value for money one, and not one that is going to tie you into ridiculous play though type requirements.
  2. Freeroll Poker Tournament Tips – You need to be aware that if you are playing in a freeroll poker tournament online, then a large amount of your fellow opponents in such tournaments are not going to be playing them neither in a mathematical way nor in the usual strategic way.As such tournaments are free of charge then entrants have nothing to lose by playing hands which usually they wouldn’t play in normal cash games, so expect to see low valued hands being played time and time again and in some cases these hands will actually get lucky and win on the turn, even when the odds of them doing so are tiny!
  3. Playing Poker with a Modest Bankroll – In todays financial climate, many online poker players are cutting back on the amount of money they each set aside to play poker with, and as such should you find yourself playing with a reduced bankroll then it can often pay dividends for you to consider playing in the lower stake cash table games.One tip when playing with a lower than average poker bankroll is to play the lower staked pot limit games as opposed to the no limit games, as by doing so you will limit the potential loss should you get run of bad hands dealt to you.
  4. Rake back Deals – Another tip we can give you for ensuring that you are always getting the maximum value from all of your online poker play, is for you to ensure you have the very best rake back deals from any poker site at which you are playing.Rake is much like a casinos comp club, whereby you will be earning a small percentage of the amount of your combined wagers which you play during each online poker playing session you have.The rake back percentages you can earn will vary greatly, so ensure that you shop around for the very best deals, as this money is paid on your total wagered amount, it can quickly add up to some sizeable amounts if you are a regular real money online poker player.
  5. Play Mobile Poker – More and more online poker sites are opening up mobile poker venues and as such you will be able to play poker on any mobile phone or mobile device, and often in an attempt to get you to try their new mobile poker sites you can get additional welcome bonuses for doing so.These bonuses are usually in addition to any welcome bonus you may have already claimed via the online version on that particular poker site, so have a look around for these additional free money offers, if of course you have a compatible mobile phone or a brand new mobile device such as a Tablet or iPad.
  6. Practise Makes Perfect – The only real way you will ever be able to master playing any particular poker variant is for you to gain as much real life playing experience as humanly possible. Knowing the theory of any poker game is only half the battle as in the real online poker playing environment a lot of unique situations will arise.So one poker tip which we would strongly recommend you put into action is for you to sit down and play poker as much as you can, either as a free player in the many free poker rooms available online or consider playing for tiny stakes via low pot limit games. The more you practise playing poker the better a poker player you will become.
  7. Poker Software Types – Another poker tip we can give you is to look around and try as many different poker software types as you can find. Each poker software variant that you will come across online will offer a unique type of playing style and as such if you do not like the look and feel and the way one software type operates, by trying several you will be more than likely to come across one which you personally like.You will find most poker software’s are available in either a no download or a fully downloadable platform, and it is often the latter one that many players prefer to use. This is due to them being much more robust and also offering you the ability to adjust a lot of the optional settings, which guarantees you a tailor-made online poker playing session.
  8. Poker Variants – There are plenty of different types of poker games available to play online, and whilst it is true to say that the game of Texas Hold’em poker is the most commonly found and played variant online, never be afraid of giving some of the more unique variants a try.There are poker games such as Omaha Hi/Low on offer, and the beauty of playing such games is that instead of there being just the one standard pot to be won when playing them, this variant offers two pots, and as such you get twice the chance of picking up a cash prize when playing these two pot poker games.
  9. Poker Bots – You will find plenty of unique poker type bots on offer, and the idea behind these playing aids, is that they will instantly be able to tell you the strength of your hand and give you tips and hints on how to play them in real money situations.Whilst some poker sites strictly prohibit the use of such bots, some have been known to actively encourage the use of them and have no problems what so ever with their customer using them. Any non cheating device which helps you improve your game play should and must be considered, more so if you are a new or novice player who is still learning and mastering the game.
  10. Poker Reward Schemes – You will also come across a very diverse range of poker loyalty clubs at all online poker sites. These are much like the comp clubs you will find available both at online casinos or even land based casinos. The aim of these reward schemes is to give players of any one respective poker sites plenty of little extras to get them to keep loyal to that poker site.

We mentioned rake back above and many poker reward schemes will often be run in addition to any rake back you are awarded, and as such they can offer even more value to players who log on to play real money poker regularly. Do some shopping around and stick to playing at poker sites who offer you the most generous of poker rewards, as this is the key to additional playing value.

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