Top 10 Poker Strategies – Strategies to help win chances

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Top 10 Poker Strategies - Strategies to help win chancesIf there is one thing which is guaranteed when you are playing poker, it is the fact that every single one of your fellow opponents is going to be putting into play their own unique playing strategies, whenever they sit down to play poker whether at an online poker site or at any land based poker playing venue.

The poker strategies they will be putting into play and operation will vary greatly from player to player, and will encompass many different aspects of their playing sessions. This will include the way they look, dress and play each and every hand they have been dealt.

The most successful poker players know what to look out for in regards to the way other poker players play their hands, and they also know the mathematics of the games inside out, and as such even when faced with a player who is obviously bluffing, a savvy experienced player will always ditch his hand if his playing strategy dictates that that is how he should play his hand.

Below we have compiled a unique set of the top 10 poker strategies which you may see in play at a poker table, or you may wish to adopt and include in your own playing sessions. Have a good look through this listing as some of these strategies may just be of interest to you!

  1. Freeroll Poker Tournament Strategy – It is often the case that when you are playing in a freeroll online poker tournament, the rule book needs launching out of the window! As all entrants are never risking any of their own money in such tournaments you will come across some very bizarre ways your fellow players will play in them.You are likely to see entrants going all in with very, very poor hands, and as the game is completely random in some cases these hands can often end up winning, even though mathematically they shouldn’t. However never veer of playing mathematically sound strategies as these are always the best way to play, even when you are up against such opponents!
  2. Best Time to Play in Poker Tournaments – One strategy that savvy online poker players will install into their online poker play in regards to when they should enter online poker tournaments, is that they will often log in to play them at quieter times of the day or night.Whilst some online poker sites are jam packed full of players at all hours, you will often find some of the poorer populated online poker sites have much fewer players at certain times.With many tournaments running to strict time scales, and with guaranteed prize pools, then it is often a good strategy to enter and take part in tournaments when the number of opponents you have in a tournament is low, as this gives you an obvious increase in your chances of bagging one of the cash prizes on offer.
  3. Getting Value from your Bankroll – It is no secret that the amount of money you have readily available in your bankroll is going to give you more and more betting opportunities. If you have a small bankroll available then this can often cloud your judgement over which hands to play and which to throw away.One strategy adopted by many online poker players is to always get the maximum value out of your bankroll, and this can often be achieved in many different ways, with the main one being to take advantage of every single poker bonus which is offered. This could be a reload bonus or even a deposit method bonus, the more free cash you can add to your bankroll the bigger that bankroll will become.
  4. Two Pots are better than One – With the sheer number of different poker variants being available to all online poker players, then it is often the case that those players who want the best chances of winning more and more pots will look to the more exotic types of poker games whereby you have a better chance of winning one of them.If this is something you wish to include in your poker playing strategies, then move away from the more commonly found poker variants such as Texas Hold’em and try the games such as Omaha Ho/Low, as these types of poker games do indeed offer you the chance of winning not one but two pots on each and every game you play, therefore instantly doubling your winning chances.
  5. Slowly Increasing Your Bankroll – You will often come across poker players who are playing online that like the boom or bust type of playing strategy. They will constantly go all in with their hands in the hope they can bag all of the pots by scaring off their fellow players, who, in the mistaken belief think that these players much be holding a monster hand will throw away their cards.However it is often the slow grind type of online poker players who have the most success, and it is often the case that those players who are playing strict strategies who manage to increase their bankrolls more steadily by only playing mathematically strong hands,. So maybe you should consider only ever playing the strongest hands, and whilst this is often a very slow grind, the rewards will be there for the taking.
  6. Limiting your potential Losses – The one best way to ensure you are never going to be forced to go all in when playing any form of poker online is by sticking to the pot limit games. The risk involved in busting out on these types of poker games is obviously much less than by playing the no limit games.You will find a lot of bread and butter type of players, who play poker online for a huge amount of hours each and every day of the week, will be playing pot limit games, and whilst they will not be mopping up huge prize pots, they will, if they are a good enough player who has a sound level headed playing strategy, can make a steady income via sound playing strategies such as sticking to this slow grind type of play.
  7. Poker Site Hopping – Whilst some players will tend to stick to playing at just one poker site, you will often find that in regards to getting true value from your bankroll, then it can often pay for you to do some poker site hopping, and by doing so you will be able to mop up and claim a lot of new player deposit bonuses if you are a new player of the site at which you are playing.You may also be able to claim lots of reload bonuses by moving your online poker action from site to site. Whilst some bonuses should not be touched with a six foot pole, some of them really do give you extremely good value for money, so one strategy for you to possibly consider is to open up accounts at lots of different poker sites, and go site hopping when the bonuses start to flow and get offered to yourself.
  8. One Room or Several Rooms – Most of the poker software which you will find in play at all of the leading online poker sites will give you the ability to open more than one poker room, and as such you can often open up and play in many rooms all at the same time, and this is where you will need to think long and hard about just how many poker rooms you are playing at in any one session.You really do need to be making sound, sensible and well thought out decisions on every single hand you play, and as if often the case when some players are playing in multiple poker rooms in one gaming session, all at the same time, their judgement can often become clouded, due to them not being able to concentrate they have too many rooms open and are up against the clock in regards to the betting decisions they have to make.So one strategy is, unless you have a super computer brain, is for you to play just one poker room at each poker site you play at, as this will ensure all of your betting decisions on each hand played will be good and sound, and you will not be scrolling from room to room making snap decisions, and often strategic playing errors.
  9. Poker Playing Tools – You will often find many different types of poker playing aids and tools which are aimed at giving you a better understanding of the strength of your hand when faced with other players hands and community cards. These tools and aids can often be quite beneficial to novice and new online poker players.So as such it may be worth your while to get these free pieces of software installed on your computer, but we would suggest you put them through their paces alongside some free play games, as often the can take some getting used to, and it is often best to master the way they work and operate when playing for free so you never get too confused or distracted and end up making playing errors when playing real money games!
  10. Changing Your Poker Playing Strategy – You should never be afraid of fine tuning, tweaking or changing your poker playing strategies, this is often how many of the most successful online and land based poker players have managed to keep ahead of the game.Remember that fellow players and opponents will always be looking for little tells in the way you play each and every hand, and once you start giving away such tells then you will be at the mercy of such professional and savvy players.So as you go through your poker playing career always make adjustments to your playing strategy and make it as difficult as possible for your opponents to get a handle on the way you play, for if you don’t then you will often find your bankroll will diminish!
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