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Poker Podcast

Podcasts are available in all niches, including poker. If you develop the habit of listening to podcasts, you can always learn something new.

Although poker is easy to learn, it is not easy to master, and there is always something to learn. Podcasts go a long way in helping you improve your poker skills.

The best poker podcasts include promotions and tournaments, which add value to the experience of listening to them.

Do you want to listen to some great poker podcasts on the go? We have handpicked the following top ten poker podcasts for you. Check them out now!

Thinking Poker Podcast

Poker players Nate Meyvis and Andrew “Foucault” Brokos host the weekly Thinking Poker Podcast.

The unique feature of this podcast is its balanced nature as it gives equal importance to poker news, poker strategies, lifestyles of poker players, and anything and everything related to the poker world.

The podcast features exclusive interviews with professional poker players, and listening to them is a rewarding and enlightening experience. The interviews give you an insight into the lives of poker celebrities and present behind-the-scenes details. People with first-hand experience give you valuable information about the unknown aspects of playing poker.

Nate and Andrew also review poker books, explain next-level poker strategies in simple ways, and review poker hands to illustrate certain game situations. So you are sure to get plenty of valuable information if you listen to the Thinking Poker podcast every week.

Smart Poker Study Podcast

Sky Matsuhashi is better known as a poker author, coach, and podcaster than a poker player. He hosts the Smart Poker Study podcast, bringing to poker players several exciting and new episodes with content ranging from interviews to analyses of poker HUDs.

The podcaster has released more than 250 episodes so far. One of the episodes was an exclusive interview with poker player James “SplitSuit” Sweeney. Listening to his podcasts is a sure way to improve your game, learn new strategies, and stay updated on the latest happenings in the poker world, irrespective of whether you are a new or an expert player.

Poker On The Mind Podcast

Poker coaches Gareth James and Dr. Tricia Cardner host the Poker On the Mind Podcast, focusing on poker as a mental game. Do you want to understand your poker mindset better? Listen to a few episodes, and you are sure to learn a few valuable strategies as well.

Poker on the Mind is a weekly podcast. Each episode is fresh and lively, bringing updates from the host’s lives, poker tips and strategies, and exclusive interviews with professional poker players.

Are you a poker tournament player? Listening to this podcast can surely help improve your game and boost your wins. You will not regret adding this podcast to your listening list.

Just Hands Poker Podcast

Are you interested in high-quality analyses of poker hands? If so, you must regularly listen to the Just Hands Poker Podcast by hosts Zach Resnick and Jackson Laskey.

If you are a serious poker player, you will appreciate how the hosts analyze hand histories chosen from live poker games. Initially, you may find it difficult to follow the analyses in audio-only formats, but you will soon learn to visualize hands and keep them in your mind as you listen.

So far, the hosts have released more than 150 episodes of 45 minutes each. You can subscribe to the podcast through Spotify if you want to listen to podcasts that break down poker hands.

Crush Live Poker

Would you like to listen to a podcast that takes you on tours of Texas Poker, previews international poker tournaments, and valuable strategies that can sharpen your poker skills? We recommend Crush Live Poker, a podcast by professional poker player Bart Hanson. You can listen to Hanson relate some of his adventures at the poker tables.

You can benefit from Hanson’s poker experience because he has been playing cash poker games for years and has won over $1 million participating in live poker tournaments. Hanson is also an excellent poker coach as he helps you work on your game and learn more about it.

Chasing Poker Greatness

You can catch glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes by listening to Chasing Poker Greatness, a weekly podcast by Brad Wilson. The episodes feature interviews with some of the best players in the industry.

Nobody becomes a successful poker celebrity overnight. Often, aspiring poker players fail to understand the time and hard work that pros put in when they see them on television playing for million-dollar prizes. Chasing Poker Greatness aims to make the poker world aware of how players become successful.

Listen to this podcast to learn how players like Fedor Holz, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, Jon “Apestyles” and many others became poker legends. The podcast also tells you what successful poker pros do regularly to improve their game and helps you understand the struggles they had to overcome to achieve poker greatness and the lessons they learned in the process.

The Rake Podcast

Prominent poker coach Phil Galfond launched The Rake Podcast in November 2019, sending waves of excitement in the poker gaming community.

So far, Galfond has released 40 episodes loaded with valuable poker content, including releases, strategies, discussions, and interviews. Each episode talks about live poker games, lifestyles of professional poker players, online poker games, and product reviews.

The Poker Life Podcast

Joey Ingram’s podcast, The Poker Life, is not regular, but when Ingram releases an episode, all serious poker players want to listen to him.

Ingram is known for his interviews with poker celebrities who want to discuss several poker issues freely. So far, Ingram has interviewed celebrities like Fedor Holz, Phil Helmuth, and Jason Koon, to mention just a few. The players have earned over $100 million participating in poker tournaments.

Since Ingram is also an experienced poker player, he provides valuable insights into the game through his podcasts. His podcast covers several issues related to live poker games and online poker, making it a valuable source of information for all aspiring poker players.

Joey Ingram covers interviews with high-stakes Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em players, in-depth discussions on current poker events, lifestyles of poker players, and valuable strategies for intermediate players and beginners alike. His unorthodox approach and the irregularity of his podcast make it worth listening to for all players who are serious about their game.

The Poker Life may not have a regular schedule, but you can rest assured that Joey Ingram always has something interesting to say when he releases an episode.

The Chip Race

A podcast you will find at the top of most serious poker players’ track lists, The Chip Race is the winner of the GPI’s Best Poker Podcast (2018) award. The podcast has earned the praise of several industry experts and poker players, and the award recognized the efforts the hosts put into each episode.

Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin of Unibet treat the podcast like a radio show. They released the first episode in 2015 and divided the schedule into seasons. The podcast reached its 14th season in 2021.

Each season has seven episodes, but recently, the hosts included bonus shows into the schedule. The bonus shows feature interviews with poker celebrities. As the main show has five parts like a radio show, it may include poker news, guest appearances, tournament updates, strategies, and much more.

The PokerNews Podcast

Launched in 2015, the PokerNews Podcast has released over 290 episodes. Each episode throws light on different aspects of the poker industry. Since PokerNews is one of the top live reporting and poker news sites, its podcast focuses on industry updates.

The hosts of the PokerNews Podcast change regularly. Recently, Jeff Platt, Chad Holloway, and Sarah Herring hosted the podcast every week. You can view the episodes on Libsyn, YouTube, PlayerFm, Stitcher, iTunes, and Podbean.

Each episode in the PokerNews Podcast has a unique format, comprising segments with interviews, news, strategy, debates, tournament updates, and other exciting issues. If you are looking for a diverse poker podcast covering almost every aspect of playing poker, you must subscribe to the PokerNews Podcast.

Final Thought

Listening to podcasts on the go is a great way to stay updated on poker news, listen to interviews, and get tips and strategies. The good news is that the podcast market is growing fast. New podcasts appear on the scene even as we type, providing valuable content and different viewpoints.

The ten podcasts we mentioned above are in no way a comprehensive list. You can add many more to your listening list. If you love listening to podcasts, you will also enjoy listening to audiobooks or poker vloggers. So we recommend adding a few audiobooks to your library to listen to on the go and hopefully, improve your game along the way.

However, even if you’re not poker-crazy, the entertainment provided by some of these hosts and their guests with their mad-cap stories is a good enough reason to tune in also!

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