Top 10 Poker Chip Sets for Your Home Games

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There are so many different poker chip sets available in the market today.

While having so many options is great, it sometimes makes it difficult for one to decide which is the best poker chip set for them.

Do you want to find the best poker chip set for setting up your next home poker game?

Check out our list of top ten poker chip sets and choose one that fits your budget and style.

Tips to Choose the Best Poker Chip Set

Use the following tips to pick the best chip stack for your budget, requirements, and preferences.

  • You can buy good poker chip sets without breaking the bank.
  • Poker chip sets have several exciting designs for you to choose from.
  • Chips are available in white, blue, black, red, orange, yellow, and baby blue colors.
  • Sets are available with chips ranging from 200 – 1000.
  • Plastic chips are the cheapest, but serious players prefer ceramic or composite clay chips. Metal chips also are available, but they are rare and expensive.
  • If you are hosting a small home game, you need only 36 – 50 chips. An amateur tournament with a player field of 6 – 10 requires 300 – 500 chips.
  • Blank chips allow you to set stake amounts of your own. Marked chips display stake amounts on their faces.

Let us proceed to our list of top ten poker chip sets without delay.

#10 Fat Cat Poker Chip Set

Fat Cat Poker Chip SetThe Fat Cat poker chip set is one of the top-selling products under the poker chips category on Amazon.

There are 500 Claytec poker chips, including 150 white, 100 blue, 150 red, 50 green and 50 black chips. Since the chips are blank, they are suitable for poker games of any stake level.

Weight: 11.5g
No. of Chips: 500
Price: $40.76
Brand: Fat Cat by GLD Products
Material: Plastic


The set includes the small blind, big blind, and dealer buttons and two decks of playing cards. Fat Cat packs all the items in a padded aluminum case, enabling easy storage and transportation.

The bottom of the aluminum case has a molded tray to store the chips in rows with separate compartments in the middle for buttons and playing cards. The case has secure clasps that prevent it from opening accidentally. 

#9 Poker Chip Set by Trademark Poker

Trademark Poker Poker Chip SetThe Trademark poker chip set delivers a taste of Las Vegas poker scene.

The set includes 200 red, 150 white, 100 green, and 50 black chips, making it 500 chips. It also has poker buttons and two decks of playing cards.

Weight: 11.5g
No. of Chips: 500
Price: $37.00
Brand: Trademark Poker
Material: Acrylic


This poker set comes with an aluminum case, allowing you to organize the chips easily and carry them around safely. A dust-resistant velvety black velour fabric covers the tray inserts, ensuring that each piece remains new and bright.

#8 Crown Casino Poker Chip Set

Crown Casino Poker Chip SetBuyers get 500 casino-quality clay poker chips of 13.5g each.

The chip set includes 100 white, 100 green, 100 red, 50 purple, 50 black, 50 blue, and 50 yellow chips.

Each chip bears denominations

Weight: 13.5g
No. of Chips: 500
Brand: Versa Games
Price: $129.99
Material: Clay, aluminum


The product includes five red dice, two decks of playing cards, and a dealer button. According to Versa Games, the aluminum case that comes with the set is new and improved. The inner chip tray is 30% thicker than usual, making it secure.

#7 Da Vinci Pro Casino Del Sol Poker Chips

Da Vinci Professional: Casino Del Sol Poker Chip SetEach chip in this set of 500 composite clay chips weighs 11.5g.

The set has 150 red $5 chips, 150 blue $1 chips, 100 green $25 chips, 50 gray $500 chips and 50 black $100 chips.

Weight: 11.5g
No. of Chips: 500
Brand: Da Vinci
Material: Clay, Aluminum
Price: $69.99


The heavy-duty upgraded aluminum case has additional hinges and latches, making it secure, sturdy, and durable.

The chip stack includes playing cards and a dealer button.

#6 SLOWPLAY Nash Ceramic Poker Chip Set

SLOWPLAY Nash Ceramic Poker Chip SetIf you are not on a tight budget then go for this poker chip set from SLOWPLAY.

The last name of the Nash ceramic poker chip set was Aces Poker. It is a high-end product for players who do not want to compromise on quality.

Weight: 12g
Material: Aluminum, zinc, alloy, leather, packaging, and polycarbonate
No. of Chips: 500
Price: $399.99


The carrying case features a durable German Bayer polycarbonate outer shell, a custom aluminum alloy frame, a large handle, and a zinc alloy lock for extra security.

The chips have designs reminiscent of the early twentieth-century Art Deco style. Each chip is numbered and has a diameter of 43mm. The set includes 150 $1 chips, 150 $5 chips, 100 $25 chips, 50 $100 chips, 25 $500 chips and 25 $1000 chips.

A dealer button and two decks of SLOWPLAY waterproof plastic playing cards accompany the set.

SLOWPLAY has manufactured seven other varieties of poker chip sets, which you can get at lower prices.

#5 Deluxe 300 Poker Chips Set

Deluxe 300 Poker Chip SetThe product includes 300 chips, two decks of 100% PVC playing cards, and two cut cards.

The gold and silver designs on the cards are beautiful, and their material is the same as that of real casino playing cards.

Weight: 14g
Price: $64.95
No. of Chips: 300
Material: Plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride
Brand: Elite Croupier


All the 300 chips have denominations and come in a shock-resistant poker chip set case, which includes a dealer button. Each chip has a sparkling golden ring around its inlay, which gives you an authentic casino experience.

#4 Poker Chip Set for Beginners from PLAYWUS Store

PLAYWUS 200 Poker Chip SetPLAYWUS has manufactured the ideal poker chip set for beginners who want a quality product without spending too much money.

The set has 50 red, 50 black, 50 green and 50 blue chips. You also get two standard decks of cards, a dealer button, a small blind button, a big blind button and five dice. Each chip weighs 11.5g, the same weight as casino-quality chips.

Price: $27.99
No. of Chips: 200
Material: Plastic
Weight: 11.5g


The aluminum case is durable but lightweight. You can easily carry it around and use it to store your chips. It features tray inserts that keep each chip in position and protect it from damage.

You can use your chip set for several games, including poker and blackjack tournaments and late-night cash games.

#3 SLOWPLAY Nash Clay Poker Chips Set

SLOWPLAY Nash Clay Poker Chip SetHere is an affordable SLOWPLAY product for poker enthusiasts looking for quality. The company’s design and engineering teams took 18 months to build this product.

You can choose from a set of 500 or 300 blank chips, depending on the number of friends you want to invite to your home game. You need 500 chips for ten players and 300 chips for eight players.

Weight: 14g
No. of Chips: 300
Price: $119.99
Material: Clay Composite, faux leather, aluminum, polycarbonate


The set with 300 pieces includes 100 red, 100 white, 50 gold, and 50 blue chips with diameters of 40mm each.

You also get two decks of plastic cards and a dealer button.

#2 KOVOT 300 Chip Dice Style Poker Set

KOVOT 300 Chip Dice Style Poker SetThis Kovot kit includes 300 poker chips, five dice, two standard decks of cards, a dealer button, a small blind button, a big blind button and a carrying case.

The kit includes a heavy-duty aluminum case with a black felt interior to protect your chips. cards, buttons, and dice and keep them neat.

Price: $34.99
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 11.5g
Brand: Kovot
No. of Chips: 300


The portability of the case allows you to organize your poker game anywhere. You can use the kit to play any game, including Five Card Draw and Texas Hold’em.

#1 Nevada Jack Casino Grade Ceramic Poker Chips

Nevada Jack Casino Grade Ceramic Poker ChipsThe chips in this set have nine values ranging from $0.25 to $5000.

Since each 10-gram chip is of casino-grade ceramic, they feel good to hold, stack, and shuffle.

Brand: Nevada Jack
Price: $38.99
Material: Ceramic
Weight: 10g
No. of Chips: 50


The company uses a dye-sublimation procedure to print artwork on the chips. Each chip features several details, including striped and marbled edges and Nevada Jack holding the Dead Man’s Hand. The theme is Old West.

The set is excellent for tournaments and cash games. You can purchase it in white, orange, and pink colors.

Final Thoughts

The poker market offers several different poker chip sets but we recommend buying a chip set that fits your needs and budget.

Most players prefer ceramic or composite clay chips. They find the plastic chips unsatisfactory and metal ones rare.

While buying poker chips, pay attention to accessories like carrying cases, card protectors, and dealer buttons because they are just as important as the chips.

Design and graphics make no difference to the game, but you can find sets designed to match your home poker room. So get your poker chip set now or find an inventive alternative chip set, organize a home game, and invite your friends to come over and play soon!

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