Top 10 Best Poker Vloggers to Follow In 2023

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Watching poker vlogs is one of the most exciting ways to get the latest updates on poker. Many successful poker players reach out to their fans through vlogs on Twitch and YouTube.

There are hundreds of poker vloggers dishing out loads of content on a daily basis.

With so many poker vloggers in the industry, it can be difficult for poker fans to know which poker vloggers they need to follow.

This article lists the top ten best poker vloggers to follow in 2023.

#10 Andrew Neeme

Andrew NeemeWinner of the “Global Poker Awards Vlogger of the Year” for 2018 and 2019, Andrew Neeme is one of the most popular vloggers in the poker world.

His 177,000 subscribers love him for his poker insights and honesty. Neeme was a businessman before he became a professional poker player.

He talks about his experiences playing cash games in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in a lot of his vlogs. Neeme is popular because he is pretty transparent with his viewers. He admits that he sucked at poker when he first started out and believes he is still a mediocre player.

You can view his vlogs to discover how he continues to have fun while playing poker.

#9 Brad Owen

Brad OwenWidely acclaimed for the click-bait titles he gives to his poker content, Brad Owen is one of the top poker vloggers in 2022. His vlog content is straightforward, and his use of poker terminology makes his vlogs come across as very professional. Most of his vlogs are records of his experiences while playing Omaha and Texas Hold’em games.

Owen lives in Las Vegas and uses his vlogs to share his experiences at some of the most popular casinos in Vegas. He shows himself implementing his strategies in his vlogs, accompanying his play with commentaries that help viewers improve their poker strategy.

Owen focuses on low-stakes poker and regularly runs poker training courses on YouTube. He has more than 623,000 subscribers who view his vlogs regularly for their entertaining, exciting, and valuable content.


#8 Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross One of the most consistent vloggers on YouTube and Twitch is Jeff Gross, a professional poker player who has been vlogging about his poker adventures in casinos around the world for the past three years.

Gross is widely known for his Twitch channel Poker Flow Show, where he streams online poker games. He has more than 8,280 followers on Twitch and over 114,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Gross has won $3.4 million playing live poker tournaments and much more playing cash games and tournaments online.

The poker pro does not stick to poker alone in his vlogs. In addition to telling interesting poker stories, he also talks about his family and other interests. His vlogs become all the more interesting when he interviews other well-known professional poker players such as Phil Hellmuth.

If you follow his vlogs, you will learn something new about the game, in addition to learning what it is like to live the life of a professional poker player.

#7 Kristy Arnett

Kristy ArnettIf you are interested in personal vlogs, you must follow Kristy Arnett, who passionately talks about the highs and lows of her poker career.

Her vlogs inspire, educate, and inform aspiring poker players and veteran players as well.

Kristy records most of her vlogs on her iPhone, which gives them a unique personal touch. Her vlogs are passionate, energetic, and entertaining as they are an informal record of her life as a female poker pro.

Her poker media background gives her the added experience to become a successful vlogger. She left her regular job a few years back and started vlogging. Since she makes a living playing poker, some of her vlogs cover her poker games in the U.S and at times in other countries. One of her interesting vlogs is about how she finished second in Aruba while participating in a WSOP Circuit tournament.

Arnett also talks about her personal life in her vlogs. Her husband, Andrew Moreno, who also plays poker, appears in her vlogs regularly.

#6 Daniel Negreanu

Daniel NegreanuWinner of six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, professional poker player Daniel Negreanu is very popular on social media.

He streams his online poker games, hosts many podcasts, gives commentaries on poker tours, and vlogs about WSOP events.

Kid Poker’s WSOP vlogs have gained immense popularity because they show viewers what goes on behind the scenes at poker tournaments, while providing entertaining and educational content on his life as a professional poker player.

Watching Negreanu’s vlogs is like participating in daily poker games in top Las Vegas casinos. The high quality of Negreanu’s vlogs indicates that he has a team to help him. His vlogs deliver the experience of watching a poker reality show.

Negreanu has over 675,000 subscribers on YouTube and 125,000 followers on Twitch. If you want to follow a Poker Hall of Famer, then go ahead and subscribe to Negreanu’s vlogs.

#5 Joey Ingram

Joey IngramWidely known as Chicago Joey, Ingram is a popular vlogger and podcast host. He is also an excellent poker commentator.

If you subscribe to his YouTube channel, you can get access to his opinions on the poker industry, hand breakdowns, live poker games, and many other poker related topics.

In some vlogs, he interviews poker celebrities and well-known professional poker players.

Ingram streams the biggest high-stakes games online while simultaneously offering his analysis. His magnetic personality and sense of humor attract several people to his blog. He won the title for Journalist of the Year (2020) at the Global Poker Awards.

#4 Ryan DePaulo

Ryan DePauloA self-proclaimed degenerate gambler, Ryan DePaulo shares his wild gaming adventures through his poker vlogs.

The way he communicates is unique and entertaining. He stammers occasionally and is rude on purpose while interacting with fellow poker players and viewers.

He likes to add a liberal dash of silliness into his vlogs to make them stand out and attract an audience.

DePaulo is a good poker player and has a lot of valuable advice to give. He is the winner of a WSOP bracelet and gives you a first-hand account of the high-stakes games he plays.

#3 Johnnie Moreno

Johnnie MorenoA well-known vlogger who plays cash games at several casinos between San Diego and Las Vegas, Johnnie Monero says that his channel embraces the grind and all the lessons that come with it.

His channel has attracted over 52,000 subscribers, who love to watch his humorous vlogs.

Monero’s vlogs also attract players because he organizes meetup games, which are fun-filled events that allow viewers to become a part of his vlogs.

#2 Jeff Boski

Jeff BoskiA poker pro specializing in multi-table tournaments, Boski has participated in 50,000+ online and 1000+ live poker tournaments.

He started vlogging about his poker adventures on YouTube three years ago. He plays poker at several destinations and vlogs about it.

His unique vlogs have attracted 52,300 subscribers.

#1 Marle Cordeiro

Marle CordeiroIf you are looking for poker vlogs that innovatively combine storytelling and comedy, you must follow the female poker pro Marle Cordeiro on YouTube. She already has over 29,300 subscribers.

Once appearing on Ingram’s podcast, she shared her reasons for starting a vlog.

She said she decided to start a vlog to share her poker insights, analyze poker hands, and discuss her journey as a poker player.

However, some of her vlogs became controversial because of the dark humor she injects into them. In her first few vlogs, she introduced herself, talked about the beginnings of her poker journey, and gave insights into her poker career. In some vlogs, she spoke about her performance on televised poker shows like Poker After Dark and Friday Night Poker. She has also co-hosted The Rake Podcast along with several famous professional poker players.

Her acting skills, sense of humor, poker talent, and immensely successful YouTube channel attracted the attention of the Triton Poker Series, the world’s biggest high roller tournament series, which asked her to become its presenter.

If you decide to follow Cordeiro, make sure you check out her non-poker vlogs which we think are really funny.


Final Thoughts

You got our list of top ten poker vloggers in 2023, but the list is not comprehensive. You will meet many more poker vloggers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

These vloggers are professional poker players, commentators, podcast hosts, coaches, and others related to the poker world. Each vlog stands in a class of its own and has something unique to say. All vlogs have something to teach you about playing poker.

We suggest you explore the vlogosphere right now and subscribe to vlogs that provide news, education and entertainment from the world of poker.

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