3 Mental Benefits of Playing Poker

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Mental Benefits of PokerPoker is undoubtedly an exciting and often lucrative game. Some people play it for fun, some play it to unwind after a hard day at work, while others use it to develop their skills and gain more experience to start playing at major tournaments.

No matter which group you belong in, the important thing here is that playing this game can provide you with a whole host of cognitive benefits.

Even though it might seem like this is impossible, the science is there, and it claims you can develop specific mental capabilities from playing poker.

In this piece, I’ll tell you all about these significant advantages, and once you read the entire article, you’ll realize why there is another unique type of poker players many are not familiar with. These players play the game to enhance their mind, and they never miss the chance to sharpen their skills.

Thanks to the expansion of online poker, you can do the same thing now without having to physically go to a poker room or a friend’s house for a poker night. There are plenty of online poker rooms for you to join, and I believe you’ll want to do exactly that once you’re done reading!

1. Helps You Sharpen Your Mind and Keep It Active

rewire brain for pokerAs I’ve mentioned previously — and as you likely already know — poker is a game of skill a lot more than it is a game of luck.

What’s more, it’s the only gambling game at which you can get incredibly good the more you build your prowess.

Blackjack is the only other gambling game that involves your skills, but these do not affect the course of the game nearly as much as poker skills do.

As a result, playing poker can allow you to develop your mind further. Basically, this game will help you stay incredibly focused and dedicated while playing. This can subsequently push your mental boundaries and even help you surpass the cognitive limitations typically holding you back.

Poker is about calculation and logic, so playing the game will let you become a better decision-maker and more proficient at mental arithmetic.

The best part about all of this is that you’ll eventually learn how to stay more patient than you previously were. This will be incredibly helpful in your private life whenever you find yourself in some complex situations where your patience can be the factor that helps you overcome your problems.

2. Helps You Become Better at Your Business

Poker Skills in BusinessNaturally, playing poker can’t directly help you in your business life. However, it can encourage you to develop certain mental traits that will be incredibly beneficial for your profession.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as the cognitive abilities poker helps you improve are directly related to the characteristics leaders exhibit.

There are few traits you’ll be able to improve by playing poker, so let’s take a close look at each one.

# Confidence

Business and poker are both stressful situations, so the lack of confidence can be detrimental in both. However, the more you play poker, the more self-assured you will become. Even if you don’t lack confidence, playing poker will help you become even more comfortable with your judgment and decision-making.

# Emotional Intelligence

Playing poker allows you to learn how to read people better, as it helps you understand what their body cues mean. This can effectively translate into both your private and professional life, as you’ll learn how to deal with people better.

# Dealing With Failures

Losing is common in gambling games, and poker is no different. No matter how good at the game you get, you’ll still lose quite often. Thankfully, this is a good thing, as it will help you learn how to deal with failures. Such a trait can be incredibly helpful in your professional life.

# Risk Assessment

Taking risks and assessing them properly so that you can suffer fewer detrimental events is important in business, especially for managers and leaders. By playing poker, you will become a lot better at assessing risks, as that’s one of the main points of the game.

# Social Life

No matter where you’re playing poker, be it online or offline, you’ll constantly be interacting with other players. In fact, this interaction is one of the cornerstones of the game.

The connections you will develop with like-minded people are incredibly beneficial for your mental health as well. If you like chatting with other players, then that will be even better for your social life, as you’ll be developing your communication skills and social skills in general.

Since you’ll constantly have something to talk about, you will always have fun while playing the game, which can only reduce your anxiety and stress level. That, in turn, can only be beneficial for your social life in general.

The best thing is that you can join different communities that revolve around poker, as there are many groups of this kind in online casinos and online poker rooms.

3. Helps Stave Off Degenerative Diseases

Old people playing pokerPlaying poker also has long-term benefits. Dr. Jeffrey Cummings has conducted a long-term study into the effects of poker on Alzheimer’s disease.

His findings have shown that people who play poker can reduce their chances of developing this terrible disease by as much as 50%.

Naturally, there aren’t too many studies about poker’s influence on diseases, but findings like these show that it does offer some benefits. They will also encourage other researchers, and there’s no way of knowing what else we’ll find out about poker’s mental benefits.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the benefits of poker are many, and the more you play and practice, the more of these useful mental improvements you’ll notice. Naturally, you will still have to play with the money you can afford to lose, and as long as you are playing responsibly, you will only get the benefits while suffering from no downsides.

Over time, you’ll improve your poker playing skills, and you might even get to a point where you can start playing in tournaments. You may even decide to become a professional poker player! Of course, if that’s not something that interests you, it doesn’t matter, as poker is still great when played casually.

So, visit an online poker room or get together with your friends for your next poker game whenever you have the chance, as now you have even more reasons to play.

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