Test To Find Out What Type Of Poker Player You Really Are?

Last Updated on October 2, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

The 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) brought the global poker community a month and a half of excitement and intrigue as many watched the live stream coverage and others followed poker media outlets for constant updates.

The WSOP has done a great job in drawing in new poker audiences from around the world and encouraging the faithful poker community to pursue the game even more.

In the aftermath of such a big event, maybe it’s time some of you re-evaluated your relationship with the game. Do you have a healthy relationship with poker, or an unhealthy attachment to it?

Do you play professionally or simply for fun without care for earnings?

5 Questions To Ask Yourself!!

Ask yourself the following questions to find out exactly what category of poker player you fall into.

1. Do You Consider Poker to Be a Pastime?

If you answered yes, then you are at least a ‘Poker Hobbyist‘. Like a model ship builder makes model ships and model train enthusiast makes circuitous miniature railways, you play poker as a form of indulgence. This is the most basic form of poker fan.

2. Do You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Poker?

By that, we mean “Does poker affect almost every aspect of your life? Do you somehow find a way, intentionally or not, to insert poker terminology into your daily lexicon? Do you come home in the dead of the night after playing poker for hours and make your family think that they’re being robbed?

If you answered yes to most of these, then you might be a ‘Poker Obsessive‘; not quite yet an addict, but very close to crossing the line.

3. Does Poker Dominate Every Facet of Your Life?

If poker had ever made you struggle to find sleep, given you the urge to win until you’ve bet your last penny, made you feel regret, frustration, or even suicidal tendencies? Has it affected your home life or any other aspect of your life to a negative degree? If so, then you may be a ‘Compulsive Poker Player‘, addicted to poker and in need of professional help.

4. Do You Partly Rely on Poker as a Source of Income?

Semi-Professional Poker Players keep track of their losses and wins like regular pros, but don’t really depend on poker that much to support themselves and their families financially. They have other sources of income, be it from their day job, pension, being business owners, etc.

5. Do you Wholly Rely on Poker as a Source of Income?

If yes, then you’re a Professional Poker Player. Poker is your day job. You keep track of every win and loss, and commit yourself to getting better at the game and enriching yourself through it.

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