Quick Tips To Improve Your Poker Game In 24 Hours

Last Updated on December 31, 2018 Author:Adrian Sterne

If you are an amateur poker player or someone who has never played poker but would like to try it out in the New Year, these 7 quick tips will help you improve your game immediately.

#1 Manage Your Bankroll Properly

One of the most common mistakes made by poker players is losing grip of their bankroll during their “peak” moments.

Always remember that you won’t be at the top of your game every time you play. There will be more lows than highs as a full time poker player. It will be hard to recover from difficult times if you act irresponsibly when things go in your favour and managing your bankroll is the most important tip that you can take away.

#2 Develop a Strong Pre-flop Strategy

Downloadable charts will make it easier for you to develop solid pre-flop ranges, but the challenge is whether or not you’ll be able to stick to your strategy in the long run.

This strategy is useful especially when you’re playing live poker, given the relatively fewer number of hands you’re able to play, compared with playing it online. When you’re playing live, you’re going to have a lot of dead time, so it would be helpful to utilize that to analyse your opponent’s strategies and tactics.

#3 Select Your Games Wisely

Starting out with small steps is the key. Select a game where your chances of winning are high – take down the smaller games first, choose weaker competitions and grow from there. Don’t go to the next level if you’re still unprepared. It would be wise to first build a strong foundation before climbing up the ladder.

#4 Spent Considerable Amount Of Time Studying

While it is important to practice and play poker as often as possible to improve your skills, it’s also beneficial to learn the ins and outs of poker – away from the table.

Studying can be done in so many ways – familiarizing yourself with poker tools, reading articles, getting advice from friends – anything that can help you with adopting new strategies, thereby developing your skills as a player.

#5 Be Brave Enough to Fire Big Bluffs

To achieve success in poker, you must not be afraid to fire big bluffs, even without having the goods. You need to effectively stagger your opponents by pulling the trigger with a great bluffing strategy. This way, you will become a more versatile player.

#6 Play Aggressively In the Initial Stages

Poker isn’t always about stack preservation. You should be able to significantly increase your starting stack in the early stages of the tournament if you want to finish in the money – and this can only be done by playing aggressively during the early rounds.

#7 Build A Strong Poker Network

You don’t have to do everything alone. It’s always nice to have other players around you who are willing to share their learning and with whom you can exchange your ideas. This will help you avoid making biased decisions and will also help ensure you have a strong support system during the inevitable downswings.

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