3 Tips On Playing The Bubble And Doing Well At The 2021 WSOP

Last Updated on August 6, 2021 Author:Adrian Sterne

WSOP Main Event BubbleWith less than two months left before the 2021 WSOP live festival takes place in Las Vegas, players are already in the process of making preparations to play in the WSOP and test their luck.

Winning any event at the WSOP is no easy feat even an online WSOP Event. First, you need to make it through the huge fields and make sure you don’t leave the game early.

Before even setting your eyes on that gold bracelet, you need to focus on how to make the money, because reaching that stage will bring you closer to bracelet glory.

So how do you play the bubble in WSOP tournaments? Everything boils down to these three key tips:

# Be Prepared

You must understand that the bubble does not only cover the moment where a player leaves the table empty-handed while the rest of the field is guaranteed some cash. You must also take into account all of the action leading up to that stage, depending on the size of the tournament.

How you manage your stack plays a huge role in extending your play. As the bubble looms and you have a huge stack, focus on the shorter stacks and try to force them to take risks via steals and traps.

If you’ve got an average stack, the best advice is to play position poker and take advantage of deep stacks that aren’t being put to work. If you’ve got a short stack, don’t succumb to the pressure. Instead, stay level-headed and keep your options open. You can go all-in if you find yourself at risk of being eliminated.

# Don’t Force Things

It’s a smart idea to be the first player to enter the pot as the bubble nears, regardless of whether you are the big stack or the short stack.

Make sure you open good starters and make more c-bets, but also remember to not force things. If you feel you have no chance of winning the pot, then let it go and stick to your strategy.

# Don’t Be A Risk Taker

The bubble stage isn’t the right time for you to take risks. You’d rather want to play safe than make one careless call and leave the table altogether. So be careful and keep your eye out on key aspects such as pot odds, position, as well as all-in shoves and check raises from opponents.

Only make a call if you’re sure you’re going to win. Remember, the goal is to make the money and eventually reach the final table.

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