How to Play Poker on Discord: Easy to Follow Guide

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Poker on Discord

Discord is popular among poker players because it allows you to play poker, interact with like-minded friends, organize poker nights, learn the game, improve their skills, and master strategies.

Find out why Discord is an essential platform for poker players and learn the various ways to play poker on Discord.

You can play poker on Discord in three ways:

Discord… What Is It?

Discord is a free text, void, and video app with millions of users. Initially meant for gamers, Discord is now home to several communities that use its platform to communicate and stay in touch.

This platform attracts large communities focusing on popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Chess and Poker.

Discord is safe to use because of opt-in conversations, a feature that allows users to interact only with the people they want.

How to Play Poker Night on Discord

Discord has a channel called the Discord Games Lab, which offers several Activities, including games like Poker Night and Chess in the Park. However, the Start an Activity feature on Discord is still in beta, which means that Discord is still working on it and will make many changes to it in the following months.

You can access the Activities only from the Discord Games Lab and not from any other server. But you can invite a Discord bot to activate Activities on your server.


Here are the instructions to play Poker Night on the Discord Games Lab channel.

  • The first step is to join the Games Lab server and read all the rules.
  • Check the box to indicate your acceptance of the rules and click on Submit.
  • Join one of the voice channels on the server.
  • Click on the Start an Activity rocket ship icon under Voice Connected.
  • Click on the activity you wish to launch—Poker Night.

Poker Night in Discord is a poker game with Texas Hold’em rules. As many as eight players can play a game in the Discord Games Lab server, and up to 17 people can watch the game.

Join a Poker Channel

You do not have to host a Discord Poker Night game whenever you want to play poker. Instead, you can join someone else’s game on their server.

  • Join a Discord voice channel in which someone is hosting a poker game. Check if such an activity is in progress and click on its title under the channel title.
  • Click on the rocket ship icon beneath Voice Connected and click on the start button to open the game.
  • You will have to authorize the activity app before you join the game.

We list the following top Discord channels to play poker.


PokerstarsDespite the circumstances leading to Black Friday, PokerStars remains as the number one online poker room in the industry. The online poker room’s Discord channel has 24,749 users.

When you join the PokerStars Discord channel, you get access to the latest poker news and the best poker strategies. The online poker room also hosts some quick games, in which you can participate and win prizes.

The PokerStars Discord channel is not only great for playing poker but also for improving your game as it is home to a community of players who are willing to help one another. The only downside is that not all of them speak English.

Poker Now

Poker NowIf you want to host poker games of your own or join existing ones to improve your gaming style, Poker Now is one of the top Discord channels for you. This channel is home to a community of 49,264 poker enthusiasts, and many love to host Sit & Go tournaments.

However, the players on this server are more interested in playing quick poker games than interacting with one another. If you visit the channel and play games regularly, you may make some good friends who won’t mind sharing their strategies and tips to help you improve your gaming style.

The Sandlot

The SandlotJoin this small Discord community of 295 players and participate in their poker discussions. Many players on The Sandlot are serious about their game and eager to talk about poker.

Do not avoid a Discord poker channel because it has few users. The biggest Discord channels are not always the best, and sometimes the smaller ones have more to offer. We suggest sticking to the smaller channels because the poker games are friendlier and the users more generous with their tips and hand analyses.

Invite a Poker Bot

If you are wondering what a discord bot is, it is a piece of software driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which enables you to automate tasks on Discord servers. Bots help you build communities, moderate your server, ban those who misbehave, welcome new users, and perform dozens of similar tasks. You can invite a Discord bot to help you host a poker game or introduce entertaining content like memes, videos, music, and more to your channel.

If you have a Discord server, you cannot host Discord Activities on your channel. We have already mentioned that you must first join the Discord Games Lab channel for that. But we also hinted that there is a way around the problem–invite a Discord bot to help you enable Activities on your server.

Here are the instructions to do it:

  • Invite the Discord Activities bot to your server.
  • Type the command /activity in the text box.
  • Select a voice channel and an activity (Poker Night).
  • If the Activities bot requires your permission to access your channel, give it the permission to do so.
  • Hit the Enter button and get a link from the bot.
  • Click on the link to launch the activity you just chose.
  • The rocket ship icon now appears under Voice Connected.

In addition, you can invite many other poker bots to your server if you want to play poker. The Discord bot list site, lists seven discord poker bots and eight discord servers dedicated to poker and other casino games.

Two bots you can invite are the Poker Bot, which allows you to play multiplayer poker with your friends, and the Texas Hold’em Poker Bot, which helps you participate in 2 – 6 player tournament style Texas Hold’em Poker NL game

Let us have a quick look at how the Poker Bot allows you to..

Play Poker with up to Ten Friends

  • Invite the Poker Bot to your server.
  • Type /poker to start playing.
  • Poker Bot uses the new Discord buttons My Hand, Call, Raise and Fold to make the gameplay easy.
  • The bot will prompt you to type numbers when you press some of the buttons
  • In this case, you only have to type the amount and press enter.

Play Texas Hold'em Poker

  • Invite the bot to your server.
  • You can now use slash commands to trigger the game.
  • Type /poker table (buy-in) (timer) (pace) to start the game. Enter relevant numbers in place of buy-in and timer, and enter fast or normal in place of pace.
  • Type /poker stats to view the number of chips won or lost by all the participants.
  • Use the /poker table command to create the tournament.
  • Use the new discord buttons Show Cards, Check, Call, Bet, Raise, Fold and Quit to play the game.

Final Thoughts

Joining poker communities and playing poker games on Discord is a great way to have fun and improve your overall game. The best thing about Discord poker is that it is free of charge unless you make in-app purchases. So, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose when you start playing poker on Discord today!

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