5 Types of Poker Aliases Used During 2020 WSOP Online Edition

Last Updated on September 7, 2020 Author:Adrian Sterne

Poker PlayersOne of the things that make real money online poker different from its live counterpart is the use of nicknames or aliases while competing.

Poker players have different reasons for choosing their screen names – some wanted their aliases to reflect their personality, while others come up with alternative names which draw inspiration from the people they look up to. There are also those who create certain aliases just for the fun of it.

Regardless of the reasons, an alias gives the player a unique identity at the virtual felts, especially during major online festivals. Let’s take a look at the many different nicknames that have shown up at the ongoing World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Bracelet Series, broken down into five categories.

# Original Aliases

During online tournaments, players are allowed to come up with a brand-new alias, instead of using their famous nicknames, but during the 2020 WSOP Online, a number of participants have opted to use their original aliases, making it easier to figure out their true identities.

Among players who did not change their nicknames are Evan “GRIPSED_com” Jarvis, Brandon “DrOctagon” Adams and Dara “OriginalDoke” O’Kearney.

# Aliases Based on Favorite Hands

Some players like to use screen names based on their favorite hands. Pocket aces maybe one of the best hands, but none of the players at the 2020 WSOP are actually using it as an alias.

Instead, we’re seeing Queendeuce“, “K6Allin” and “27oALLIN.

# Contrasting Nicknames

The use of “Always” and “Never” in aliases have become more common nowadays, with a lot of players attaching either of the two words in their chosen nicknames.

Take for example, Jeremy “AlwaysGTO” Wien, Cesar Pastor “ALWAY3BET” Suarez Torres, Gediminas “NeverGambol” Uselis, Zidong “Never_Lucky” Zhao and Dmitry “NeverLoseGuy” Sokyrko.

# A Sprinkle of Naughtiness

The world of poker is comprised of people with mixed personalities. While some wanted their screen names to always sound wholesome, others are not afraid to push things a little further, and so they’re showing their naughty side by coming up aliases such as, BigusDickus“, “PatFenis“, “iLovePorn” and “YouMakeMeWet.

Interestingly, the current chip leader in the Main Event, Bryan “smbdySUCKme” Piccioli, falls under this category.

# Phil Ivey Nicknames

Despite all the legal disputes he’s gone through over the years, poker legend Phil Ivey remains one of the most popular and most-idolized poker pros of all time.

In fact, a number of aliases are actually based on his name. Praz “PhiLiveysNan” Bansi, Roberto “GhostingIvey” Firmino, and Edward “IVEYJR” Swales are all competing at the 2020 WSOP Online, hoping they’d follow in Ivey’s footsteps.

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