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Poker MemesUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you’ve probably heard of memes. These pictures are most usually meant to evoke laughter.

Still, they often depict funny yet bitter truths. Being able to say “yup, that’s true” when looking at niche memes gives us a great sense of connection with other people.

What I’m trying to say is that memes bond us. They keep communities tight, and one of the closest communities on the web nowadays consists of novice and professional poker players.

Players poker for real money whether at a land based casino or an online casino can often end up being a stressful experience, especially if you end up having a bad day and lose your bankroll. Poker players on a downswing are looking for ways to break out of the slump, change their energy and get back to having a positive outlook on life and the game of poker.

Poker memes can play a role in helping you break out of the slump and change your energy. Poker memes get circulated via email and text messages amongst the poker community as it brings players together, helps them relax and have a laugh.

In this article, we have put together some of the funniest memes in the poker world and break them down for you, so that even a non-poker player will be able to understand and have a laugh.

A Full-House of Poker Memes

Therefore, selecting the best ones was rather difficult, but I’ll share a few of which I considered the funniest. Moreover, I’ll explain each meme, as newcomers to the world of poker will also read this article.

Ready, set, go!

# The Queenslayer

The Queenslayer - Poker MemeA pair of queens in the pocket is always a lovely sight. However, the game of poker is full of unexpected twists, and the queen, however strong, is still not as strong as kings or aces. When the flop shows kings or aces, you need to assume that somebody already has a better hand than you, so your chances of winning the hand are significantly lowered, hence this meme.

The image of the queens comes from the painting Immaculate Conception by Murillo, which was allegedly cleansed by a furniture restorer instead of an art restorer.

# Master Oogway Your Way Back

Master Oogway Your Way Back - Poker MemeIf you enjoy playing poker tournaments, you’ve probably been in this situation before. Having just 15 big blinds isn’t much, meaning you’re likely to hit the rail soon. However, it’s also enough to help you get back to the game, and all you need is a great pocket hand to start with. Master Oogway, the popular elderly teacher from Kung Fu Panda, has this iconic line in the movie.

The irony is that Oogway is old, and uttering “My time has come” isn’t something you’ll often hear old people say. That’s actually how poker players with 15 BBs left often feel when they get a glimmer of hope in the form of great hole cards.

# Regular vs. Fun Player

Regular vs. Fun Player - Poker MemeThe regular player on the left is all about the rules and strategies, which is what many regulars tend to stick to. The fun player on the right is a newbie and willing to risk three-betting on an 8-2 suited against the bullets. This is not something most experienced players would do.

Still, we have to remember that poker is a game of chance, and taking a risk now and then can be lucrative.

As you can see from the picture, the fun player won thanks to the three cards on the flop of the same suite as his hole cards, which caused frustration for the regular player. He doesn’t even know what a three-bet is. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

# It’s Still Something!

It's Still Something - Poker MemeUTG stands for Under the Gun, which is the first position left after the big blind. Poker players usually don’t like it because they are the first to make a betting decision. Due to the pressure of having to make the first move, the feeling is as if someone put a gun to your forehead.

Having the pocket rockets is tricky. If you bet too much money UTG, all will fold.

But there’s nothing worse than hiding your great cards and everyone else folding nevertheless. The irony of winning this type of hand is depicted in the meme above.

# PLOt Twists

PLOt Twists - Poker MemeTexas Hold’em players often know every single detail about this type of poker. However, the second most popular poker type is Omaha (or Pot-Limit Omaha, its most common form).

Hold’em players often struggle to understand it due to somewhat different rules, especially in terms of betting, hence the meme above.

# Favorite Position

Favourite Position memeThe button” is a term referring to the dealer position. It is the best position in a poker game because the dealer makes the last move in the betting round.

He enjoys the advantage of watching and analyzing the moves of all players before making his move.

The girl in the meme probably knows nothing about poker, but the poker-loving guy can think of nothing else but the game.

She Isn’t Bluffing

She isn't bluffing memeThe husband is addicted to poker and does not realize the seriousness of his gambling addiction.

His wife is threatening to leave him and is serious about it, but he suspects she might be bluffing, just like in a game of poker.

The Perfect Poker Face

The Perfect Poker Face

The perfect poker face does not change in any situation and does not display any emotion. Since the perfect poker face does not reveal any emotion or information, it is an asset at the poker table.

Actress Kristen Stewart’s poker face is considered one of the best.

According to this meme, it wouldn’t change even if the poker table burst into flames.

The creator of the meme suggests that poker players normally take off their poker faces at the end of a game, but Kristen keeps hers on 24/7.

What Professional Poker Players Do

The meme is a humorous description of the complexities of a professional poker player’s life. Most of the people who are part of a professional poker player’s life do not understand what they do to make a living.

Poker can get so grueling at times, that sometimes even a poker pro does not know what he is doing at the table and sometimes in real life.

This meme highlights the different perspectives and phases a poker player will go through.

Professional poker player meme

Picking the Flaws

Picking the flaws memeHere is a poker enthusiast watching a poker scene and picking out the flaws in it.

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world and has captured global attention because of its lucrative tournaments and million-dollar prize pools.

Realizing that the game makes an excellent subject for a movie, several filmmakers have made poker related movies over the last two decades.

Since filmmakers rarely take the help of professional poker players or poker coaches while producing a poker movie, the poker scenes are full of flaws.

Poker experts like the one in the above meme are often over-enthusiastic about picking those flaws.

How to Become a Professional Poker Player?

Want to be a professional poker player memeBecoming a poker pro is not as easy as one would think. A number of amateur poker players believe that there is a specific formula to success at the poker table.

They start out thinking if they follow this poker formula, they will end up having success at the poker table and move closer to becoming a poker pro.

What they fail to realize is that one has to work hard, play thousands of hands, and spend hundreds of hours learning the game before becoming a successful poker pro. There is no direct, easy answer to becoming a poker pro overnight, which is why we have this meme.

Playing Poker Online

Playing Poker Online MemeOnline poker players tend to lose track of time when they play from home and end up spending very few hours sleeping.

They wake up the next day and promise themselves that they will play only a few hands but fall into the trap once again as they continue to play into the wee hours of the morning.

With poker games available round-the-clock on new poker sites, online poker players are often tempted to get back into the game or participate in a big online event and see if you can win more cash.

The meme conveys the hard truth that you can play online poker endlessly if you are not careful.

The Most Interesting Man In The World

The Most Interesting Man in the World memeHave you heard about the Most Interesting Man in the World? It was a Dos Equis advertising campaign featuring a debonair, bearded elderly gentleman.

The advertisements appeared in the United States in 2006, and netizens started using the Interesting Man for memes.

You can see the Interesting Man having fun playing poker in the above meme showcasing a lot of confidence in himself!

How Jem Lost His Pants

Strip Poker MemeThose who read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee know that Jem Finch lost his pants while running away from the Radley’s backyard with the other Finch children.

Although the meme refers to the novel, it makes fun of poker players who lose their clothes while playing a game of strip poker.

First Impressions Don’t Last

AK Pre Flop vs. AK Post Flop memeWith the ace being the strongest card in the deck and the king following right behind, it’s impossible not to feel excited when you start the round holding these two.

However, community cards can make or break your winning potential, and if they don’t make a valuable combination with your ace and king, these two cards become useless, no matter how strong they are.

As we can see, the doggo feels mighty pre-flop with the AK combination, but once the flop is out, it may learn that even cards like an eight can beat his initially strong hand.

Just Sayin’

Jus Sayin' memeSome poker players simply can’t handle a loss with dignity. In situations when they don’t play their hand right, they feel the urge to tell their opponents what could’ve happened if they had made a different move.

As you can guess (or probably already know), they would’ve won, and you would have been left empty-handed.

Usually, they do that to make themselves feel better and not necessarily to annoy you, but unfortunately, one doesn’t go without the other.

If you’re one of those players who have this nasty habit, please, for everyone’s sake, try to refrain from it the next time you’re at a poker table. And every other time as well.

Honorable Mentions

Look, some of the memes here might not be funny to you, but I find them hilarious because I’ve been in similar scenarios many times. Anyways, I also wanted to share a couple of great ones I’ve been saving for the last couple of years. Let’s take a look at them.

when you have a strong hand and the worst possible card hits the river

Ray Charles - Poker Meme

when you 3-Bet Light and Get Cold 4-Bet

Ron Burgundy - Poker Meme

Liam Neeson - Poker Meme

Final Thoughts

A good meme not only makes you laugh, but they also makes you think. A clever meme can cover a serious issue or bitter truth with a cloak of humor. The true intent of a meme is to raise awareness, encourage thought, educate, and inform. If you have just experienced a bad beat or lost a game, checking out a few poker memes can put you in a lighter mood.

We put together a variety of top poker memes to give you an idea of what is out there. Don’t forget that there are many other interesting poker memes available online. We suggest you take a look at a few poker memes every now and then as it will remind you not to get too serious when you play poker and focus on having fun!

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