5 Tips To Mastering Poker From ‘The Biggest Bluff’

Last Updated on September 16, 2020 Author:Adrian Sterne

the Biggest Bluff by Maria KonnikovaPoker players spend years trying to win a significant sum of money on the poker circuit.

Maria Konnikova was a newbie who crushed the poker tables in less than a year. The New York Times best-selling author was carrying out research for her book “The Biggest Bluff” and was just an amateur in the poker world when she had her first taste of major poker success. She now has over $30,000 in poker winnings.

Konnikova was able to do it through the help of Poker Hall of Famer and eight-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Erik Seidel. Seidel’s expert knowledge catapulted Konnikova from a complete newcomer to an international poker champion.

She documented her incredible journey in her book The Biggest Bluff and shared some key tips to aspiring poker pros like her.

# Get The Perfect Mentor

This is an important first step if you are just starting out with poker. Having the right mentor will help big time in helping you build a strong foundation for your career. Find someone who has long experience in the game and who focuses more on long-term growth.

# Keep an Open Mind

The game of poker involves a lot of uncertainties and you will never find an answer if you stop asking. You can’t rely on a single strategy. You need to be flexible. You must reconsider all your moves before jumping the gun. Accept the fact that poker is an evolving game and you need to adapt to the changes to stay afloat. Listen more and speak less.

# Figure Out Your Responses Before Making A Move

You need to stay ahead of your opponents and yourself. Come up with a predetermined response before even making a move. Figure out which cards are worth-holding and which ones you must fold. This will help you make informed decisions as play progresses.

# Have Full Control Over Your Emotions

While you can never control majority of what happens at the table, you can guard your emotions so you don’t get carried away. Control your responses to different scenarios, positive or negative. It will benefit you in the long run.

# Embrace Uncertainty

One of poker’s unique elements is that it is unpredictable and full of uncertainties. Even if you have the best hand you may still end up on the losing end. What you can do is to focus on your decision-making. Just do your best and accept the outcome, whatever it may be.

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