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10 Of The Best Poker Faces You’ll Be Unlucky To Sit Across From

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Best Poker Face in the worldYou’ve heard of it in the movies and famous songs, but in the gambling world, the poker face is so much more than a mere pop-culture reference.

This method is still used by some of the best poker players in the world, and it obviously works, as it continues to bring them huge wins. Newbies don’t put that much stock into this particular tactic, but the truth is that the poker face has left its mark in the world.

What Is a Good Poker Face and Why Is It Important?

Poker face is a term widely used not only in the poker community but also in everyday life. When you hear that someone has a good poker face, it mostly means that they can keep a neutral expression regardless of what’s happening around them. In other words, you won’t be able to read from the person’s face whether they feel happy, sad, upset, angry, or as calm as they appear.

Moreover, a good poker face doesn’t always look neutral. You can also put on a smile, frown, or do whatever you’re comfortable with as long as you can maintain that same facial expression consistently for a long time.

Naturally, developing a good poker face is highly significant for poker players. Poker pros who mastered this skill can hold a steady look for hours and never reveal whether they have awesome cards or plan to fold early. This is especially useful when you want to bluff and pretend that your hand is stronger than it actually is.

However, you can benefit from this skill even if you never come near poker tables. For example, if you see something you’d like to buy, and you know you can bargain for it, it’s a good idea not to show how impressed you are with the product. If the seller can smell how badly you want whatever they’re offering, they will never give you a good deal.

Have you ever wondered which poker player has the most inscrutable poker face? If your answer is yes, stay tuned.

Top 10 Poker Players With the Best Poker Faces

In this article, we will discuss some of the best players the poker universe has to offer. We’ll delve into their strategies and see what makes their poker face so unique and unreadable.

#10 Phil Ivey

#10 Phil Ivey

The first place on our list really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Phil Ivey’s poker face has become iconic.

Even the most experienced and talented players would get the jitters sitting at the same table as Ivey. His poker face has helped him amass almost $24,000,000 in live tournaments.

Many poker players have tried and failed to get a clear read on Phil Ivey’s indecipherable facial expressions. One never knows what he is thinking or feeling, and thus it’s practically impossible to guess whether his hand is good or bad. 

#9 Mike McDonald

#9 Mike McDonald

Mike “Timex” McDonald is lauded as the player with the most noticeable poker face. We’ll let you judge by yourself whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

However, what we can say is that McDonald’s success in the world of poker is certainly not negligible, so he must be doing something right.

His career exploded in the EPT German Open, where he won $1,370,000 at the age of 18, and he never looked back. As he became more widely known in the poker community, he quickly turned famous for his “death stare”. Combine this iconic face with exceptional poker skills, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success. In fact, “Timex“’s overall winnings amount to a staggering $10,000,000.

#8 Ben Lamb

#8 Ben Lamb

Although Ben Lamb isn’t that active in the world of poker at the moment, we’re sure that not many fans will forget his iconic poker face during the 2011 World Series, which earned him third place on our list.

This player from Tulsa, Oklahoma used to be a poker dealer first, which is where he probably perfected his poker face and learned all the tells players might have.

In 2017 Ben Lamb managed to make the final table of the WSOP Main Event. He finished 9th, which is no small feat as he managed to outlast 7,221 players. We’ll see what the future has in store for this player and whether he’ll return to the game any time soon.

#7 Tom Dwan

#7 Tom Dwan

This American poker player is better known for his internet alias “Durrrr”. Although he gained experience and fame in the online world, Dwan also played in televised events.

He faced off with some of the greatest names in poker, such as our titleholder Phil Ivey.

Tom Dwan’s poker face is characterized by a deep-searching stare which leaves you with an impression that he knows what your next move will be.

This is why his shocked facial expression during an episode of High Stakes Poker is still the talk of the town, as it seemed entirely out of character. Dwan played against Peter Eastgate and was supposedly caught off guard by his bet.

#6 Phil Hellmuth

#6 Phil Hellmuth

The Poker Brat” is best known for his exaggerated reactions during a game of poker. While some may disagree with this method, we can say that it won’t leave anyone indifferent.

In fact, his infamous blowups have made Hellmuth one of the best-known poker players in the world, and that speaks volumes of his strategy.

Known as some of the best poker players in the business, Phil Hellmuth has 16 bracelets, and he continues to wow the fans with his skill and iconic poker face. 

#5 Daniel Negreanu

#5 Daniel Negreanu

This Canadian poker player has managed to acquire six WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles.

Negreanu may not have the mysterious poker face of one Phil Ivey, but he does have an impeccable reading ability, which has helped him gain an advantage over other players.

Negreanu’s poker face is special because he can lure his opponents into a false sense of security, have them share information left and right, and then strike. Sometimes sweet words are a better tactic than a serious glare. It certainly hasn’t failed Daniel Negreanu yet. 

#4 Vanessa Selbst

#4 Vanessa Selbst

Praised as one of the best female players, Vanessa Selbst has been dominating the world of poker for years.

Her total tournament winnings amount to almost $11 million. Selbst’s poker skills are extraordinary, and she even worked as a coach for DeucesCracked.

Her poker face is often described as unenthused. Be that as it may, Selbst’s seemingly uninterested facial expressions have managed to earn her some truly impressive prizes over the years. In fact, during 2013, she won an impressive $3.6 million. 

#3 Patrik Antonius

#3 Patrik Antonius

Antonius carries the title of the scariest face in poker. His stern facial expression must be doing something as he continues to dominate the poker scene.

Many fans say it’s impossible to tell what he’s feeling or thinking due to his stone-cold stare.

This Finnish poker player started his career in 2005 when he made the EPT Main Event final table. He also became famous for winning the largest pot in online poker in 2009. 

#2 Gaëlle Baumann

#2 Gaëlle Baumann

Another player with an intimidating poker face comes from France. Gaëlle Baumann is famous for her risk-taking tactics. She is best known for her stellar performance at the final table at the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

The same year, she signed a sponsorship with Winmax — one of the largest online poker sites in Europe.

Her success didn’t stop there, as she participated in a number of WSOP and EPT tournaments over the years

#1 Liv Boeree

#1 Liv Boeree

Vanessa Selbst described Liv Boeree’s poker face as a staredown which she uses to stare past players’ eyes into their souls, and we couldn’t agree more.

This British player participated in UltimatePoker.com Showdown and got a chance to be coached by some of the greatest poker names like Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth.

Boeree’s most notable achievement is the WSOP bracelet she won in 2017 in a Tag Team event.

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