BitcoinsWith many people now looking for new places to keep their harden earned cash, whilst also looking for safe investments that are away from banking institutions that have proven time and time again to be somewhat foolhardy in the way they look after peoples funds and also the tiny returns they are earning via deposit interest.

One relatively new way of moving your funds into a cyber type currency is by turning your money into Bitcoins, this is a virtual currency which has been proven to be a safe and reliable way to hold your funds online whilst being able to spend the Bitcoins at various sites online.

This has led a lot of people to ask if there are any no deposit online poker sites who are now accepting the Bitcoin currency as a way to both deposit funds into their poker accounts whilst at the same time being able to withdraw funds back as Bitcoins.

Well as sure as night follows day there are a growing number of brand new poker site who will now let you fund your poker room accounts instantly using Bitcoins, and we shall now take a look as a few of these sites, and by checking them out you can make an informed decision on whether they are of the quality you demand, whilst providing you with the exact type of poker game variants you are looking for.

Infiniti Poker – This is a new online poker site that are currently going through a beta release of their poker site, the beta site is open to anyone wanting to try out the poker site and they have their very own front man, no other than Gavin Smith who can often be found online and playing, so why not give them a try and take on Gavin!

Win Poker – Win Poker offers a fully functioning and live poker site where you can be online and playing in a matter of moments, a full and comprehensive suite of poker games are available to play in both a free to play and real money version, and it is a busy site so you will have plenty of open tables awaiting you.

Seals with Clubs – A rather unusually named online poker site but one worth looking at if you are seeking a Bitcoin friendly online poker site it is available as both an online poker site and also accessible on mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never heard or come across the Bitcoin digital currency then they way it is used can seem quite alien to you, however below we have answers lots of different questions that many poker players who are thinking of using Bitcoin have surrounding the way it works.

  1. What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

    A Bitcoin Wallet is simply a way that you can store all of your Bitcoins in one easy to manage account, the wallet actually resides on your mobile device or your computer and as such you can instantly send your Bitcoins to anyone you like who also have a Bitcoin Wallet.

  2. Can Anyone Use Bitcoins

    One of the major benefits of Bitcoin is that anyone of any age is able to start using them online, you are able to sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet completely anonymously too and all you will need is an email address and then you can start to store you Bitcoins in your wallet and send them into a poker site or withdraw your winning back to your Bitcoin Wallet.

  3. How Many Poker Sites Accept Bitcoin

    Sadly there are not that many online poker sites that currently accept Bitcoin as one of their chosen banking options, however we have started to see more and more poker sites now adding it as a banking option. With that in mind if you are actively seeking out poker sites at which to play that do accept Bitcoin then there will be plenty of them to choose from if you look around hard enough!

  4. What is the Currency Exchange Rate of Bitcoin?

    One thing that you do need to be fully aware of if you would like to start using Bitcoin is that the value of them can and will vary often on an hour by hour or even minute by minute basis. In fact many poker players tend to take advantage of the fluctuating currency exchange rate of Bitcoin.

    When you fund your poker site account and have built up a large bankroll through a series of winning games or poker tournaments then many players will wait until the exchange rate if beneficial to them based on their home currency to whether withdraw their Bitcoin from a poker site or to exchange the Bitcoins back into their own home currency!

  5. Do I have to play in Bitcoin Currency?

    One thing to remember is that the value of one single Bitcoin can be very high and as such you may think that when playing at a poker site that uses Bitcoin as its base currency setting then those sites are only offer very high stake poker games.

    Many poker sites will allow you to play for a fraction of a Bitcoin or some sites will turn one Bitcoin into their own unique credit type system where you will get so many poker playing credits for each one Bitcoin you deposit.

    That results in players being bale to play for low stakes rather than very high stake amounts. With that in mind always check out just how the Bitcoin accepting poker sites turns your deposits into poker chips as the way they do that can vary from site to site.

  6. What Bitcoin Poker Games are available?

    There is going to be just as many different game variants on offer at any poker site that accepts Bitcoin deposits, and as such do not think that you are going to only have one or two different poker game variant son offer.

    In fact you will find just as many pout limit, fixed limit or even no limit poker games on offer at all Bitcoin accepting poker sites so you will never be restricted in regards to the number and types of poker games you can play

    In fact as Bitcoin Poker is proving to be so every popular you are also going to find there will be no shortage of fellow poker players logged into those sites so you will have plenty of opponents to take on when you sign up and start to use those online poker sites.

  7. Are Bitcoin Poker Tournaments available?

    You will be able to take your chances in a huge number of different Bitcoin poker tournaments when logged into any of our featured poker sites that now accept that particular banking option. You will also find guaranteed poker tournament on offer as well as a large range of both sit n go poker tournaments and main event poker tournaments.

    Please do check through the websites of any of our featured poker sites that you have taken an interest to for when you do so you will find a poker tournament schedule displayed on their websites and this is going to allow you to select any tournament that may be about to start.

  8. Can I play Bitcoin Poker for Free?

    You will find free to play poker tables and games on offer at Bitcoin accepting poker sites and you will also find several of them offer freeroll poker tournaments where you can win real cash prizes.

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Posted on: 7th June 2013 by: Adrian Sterne